How to Choose the Best Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid, popularly known as vitamin C, is essential for the proper functioning of our body. It is obtained in the diet . One of the main functions of vitamin C is to strengthen the immune system , reducing the symptoms and duration of colds and flu.

It also protects the walls of blood vessels, aids iron absorption, and stimulates collagen production. Vitamin C supplementation is indicated for people with poor health, hard work, smokers, postpartum women and athletes .

But before taking any supplement, talk to your doctor or nutritionist. Not all studies show the effectiveness of vitamin C supplements. People with a balanced diet usually already consume the necessary amount of ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C supplements help strengthen the immune system, since they increase the production of white blood cells, cells of the immune system that have the function of fighting against microorganisms and foreign structures in the body, thus fighting colds and infections. It has a healing action that helps cell repair and collagen production. Another great benefit is in the fight against anemia, since it acts on iron metabolism.

How to choose the best vitamin C

If you have received a professional recommendation to take vitamin C supplements, we will help you choose the best option. You should know that it is essential to check the concentration of the vitamin in the supplement and choose the ideal presentation for your routine. Get all the details below.

Choose the easiest presentation to eat daily
Vitamin C supplements can come in a variety of forms: tablets, capsules, powders, effervescent tablets, and even chewable options. The choice depends on which of the options is easier to consume on a daily basis. See more information about each of them:

  • Pills and capsules: They are the most popular, since they are easy to swallow , since they have no flavor or aroma . The concentration of vitamin C is usually high, so they are great for those who have a deficiency of this substance in the body.
  • Effervescent tablets: You will have to dissolve the entire tablet in a glass of water to take it. They usually have flavor and their formulas have several ingredients , in addition to the high concentration of vitamin.
  • Chewable Tablets: Citrus flavored and perfect for those who have difficulty swallowing pills. However, its formula contains a lower concentration of ascorbic acid and also has other excipient ingredients.
  • Powder: This type of presentation is more difficult to consume outside the home. You also have to dissolve it in water, or in another drink, to consume it. They tend to have a high concentration of vitamin C, but you can adjust the amount based on your needs.

As there are supplements with 45 mg to 1 g of ascorbic acid per dose, it is very important to check this information in the nutritional table of the product . This is because overdosing can be a health risk, while consuming too little will not provide the desired benefits.

Experts say that 45 mg a day is enough to prevent the disease caused by a lack of vitamin C, scurvy . But to ensure other benefits, a higher amount is indicated: 100 mg per day for adults. Remember that, depending on the clinical picture, the recommended dose is different.

Vitamin C is soluble in water, so it is easily excreted in the urine, so the risk of overdose is low. But be careful, because no individual should consume more than 2,000 mg of the substance per day . Its excess can cause intestinal problems, stomach pain and even diarrhea and vomiting.

Vitamin C intake for smokers should be approximately 20% higher compared to non-smokers. This is because part of the ingested vitamin C is eliminated by nicotine, which aggravates oxidative stress, increasing the chances of degenerative diseases and aging. Talk to your doctor and nutritionist about getting supplements.

Vitamin C supplements may have other substances in their composition. You can find options enriched with other substances, such as zinc , that generate even more benefits. It acts to strengthen the immune system, functioning as a complement to vitamin C.

But, if you only need vitamin C as a supplement, prefer formulas with the least number of substances. Take a look at the ingredients list and avoid options made up of several elements, which are often additives, difficult to identify.

In addition to checking the list of ingredients and the presentation of the supplement, do not forget to check its cost per dose. This is necessary because the recommended intake, in most cases, of vitamin C is daily, so its value must be affordable.



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