How to Choose the Best Nail Gel

A gel nail is an artificial nail that is molded directly onto your natural nails. It is formed by layers of different gels , such as the base gel, the builder, the one that gives color and the finisher, which need UV or LED light booths to harden, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

You can use this process to apply the gels on your natural nail, making it more beautiful and resistant, as well as giving it color. Or do the most common, which is lengthening the nails using molds, tips or fiberglass . It is also possible to modify its shape, create 3D decorations or other special effects.


How to Choose the Best Nail Gel

There are various types of nail gel. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to some characteristics so that you buy the right products for what you want. Check out our tips to help you!

There are several types of nail gel and each of them has different functions: one for the preparation of the nails, another for the forms, etc. Some products can even combine several functions. Know the types of gels to know which one you need.

Soft gel is that type of gel that spreads naturally across the nail when applied. It is also easier to sand and give the finish you prefer.

Considered a construction gel , it can be used as a base coat (nail preparation), to camouflage imperfections and to create the stress point in nail extensions. Some professionals use it when applying glue tips or to encapsulate embellishments (a final coat on top of the embellishment that secures it to the nail).

Hard gels, as the name suggests, have a heavier consistency, almost like putty. For this reason, they are used a lot when the objective is to lengthen the nails. They apply to techniques that use glue tips or adhesive stencils.

They can also be used to create fiber nails , since their texture allows the material to be glued and shaped, leaving it firm and resistant. In any technique, the advantage of hard gel is that it will give you the security you need to use all your creativity on your nails.

Gel nail polish can be used to color gel or natural nails , but in both cases you will need to use UV or LED light booths for drying. Be careful not to get confused: there are “gel effect” nail polishes, which do not dry in the booth, nor do they offer the same benefits as gel polishes.

While normal nail polishes last about 7 days, the gel version can remain intact for up to 15 days , in the case of dark tones, and 25 days when the color is light. Keep in mind: On retail websites, you’ll find it easier to buy kits with multiple colors than individual products.

Many gels are colored, but their purpose is not always to decorate the nail. In the case of builder gels, both soft and hard, they can be transparent or have nude or pink tones. But its function is to build nails in more natural colors.

Already in gel polishes, the color exists to decorate, create effects or also leave the appearance of the natural nail. It all depends on the shade you choose. There are also colored gels to create sculptures on the nails, however they are not very popular in Spain.

The gel needs to harden to set properly on the nail. So the hands should be placed in UV or LED light booths, depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines. And you, or the salon you frequent, have to have one or the other. The good news is that some products already work in both cabin types .

Drying time varies depending on the type of gel and its composition. Usually, gels using UV light booths can take about 3 minutes to dry your nails, while those in LED booths harden in up to 60 seconds.

The same product can be sold in different sizes. For those who buy for their own use, it is better to choose smaller packages, such as 14 grams. The largest ones are ideal for those who use them professionally or use them very often.



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