How to Choose the Best Concealer for Pimples

How to Choose the Best Concealer for Pimples

Getting rid of the dreaded acne marks on the face can be easier than you think. To do this, you must take into account your skin type, the desired coverage and, mainly, the characteristics of the imperfections that you intend to hide. Here is our guide that will help you to choose the best concealer for pimples.

Investing in a color corrector is the first step towards a complete makeup that hides pimples and their scars. Green and purple colors are best suited for this purpose. Understand, below, which shade suits your needs and get rid of those unwanted stains once and for all.

To hide red acne spots, inflamed pimples, and red-toned scars, bet on green concealer . This is because the greenish tone neutralizes the red in these blemishes and therefore hides both the color that has been covered and the marks.

In addition to acne itself, you can bet on green concealers to hide any other red-toned stain that bothers you, such as spider veins, a runny nose and even rosy cheeks . The green concealer cannot be missing in the bag of anyone who suffers from pimples.

The purple or lilac concealer is the ideal option for you who want to hide the scars from pimples . Since these spots are usually brown in color, purplish dye can easily neutralize them. Purple tones are also ideal for covering freckles, melasmas, and greenish bruises.

Lighter, lilac-based concealers can neutralize not only brown spots, but also yellowish marks on the skin. So if you have an inflamed pimple with a yellow spot, apply the lilac concealer to cover it up , as this shade cancels out the yellow.

Once you have chosen the perfect color, it is time to decide which texture best suits your skin type. With liquid, cream and stick options, concealers can offer both high and natural coverage. The choice only depends on the result you are looking for for your makeup.

The liquid concealer is preferred by many women, because its light texture guarantees a super natural effect on the skin . Sold in packages like gloss or in tubes, it’s easy to apply and perfect for all skin types. For oily skin, opt for oil-free versions. In addition, its consistency is very moisturizing and velvety.

With a denser texture, the creamy concealer offers high coverage . It is recommended to apply it with a brush, to achieve a glamorous makeup that perfectly hides all acne blemishes. Recommended for normal to dry skin, avoid this type if you have oily skin as the cream can accentuate the problem.

Like a lipstick, concealer pencils guarantee precision in application. As its texture is solid and dry, it hides pimples and imperfections very well , but be careful not to go over and crack the makeup. Those with an opaque finish are ideal for oily and normal skin.



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