How to Choose a Good Washable Pantyliner

How to Choose a Good Washable Pantyliner

Among the variety of brands available on the market, are you wondering how to choose and buy a washable pantyliner with better value for money? Also, you want to get hold of the best brand at a cheap cost. Indeed, it is necessary to take into account certain criteria. That’s why we put you on the track with these tips.


  • Efficiency and adaptation to flow

Generally speaking, a good number of women have classic flows. Moreover, this may vary in relation to the personal state of each person. In this case, according to any buying guide for the best washable panty liners, you will find that these models should meet various expectations, especially for a very long duration. It is true that using the same towel longer is not particularly recommended for better hygiene. However, this allows the absorption capacity of these products to be determined.

Therefore, the choice will be very easy. It is also essential to choose the size of your panty liner according to your flow, whether it is light, medium or heavy. Among the diversity, the choice is free. You can also get different sizes. You will be able to alternate them according to your personal preferences and also according to your needs.


  • Choose the right materials

The choice of material is a crucial criterion to ensure better hygiene and optimal comfort while using your panty liners. This is also a plus for respecting the environment. Most of these products are made from biodegradable materials. This is why its use is becoming more and more recommended at the moment. In this way, it is strongly advised to choose towels where the inner part is made of organic cotton, hemp or bamboo.

These are materials that fully preserve your hygiene while respecting your health. The outer part should thus be made of waterproof fabric. This is to ensure protection against any leaks and also to keep a permanent feeling of dryness. To have the best brand of washable panty liners, also be sure to check the GOTS or OEKOTEX certifications of their material.


  • Performance on budget

Since panty liners are for daily use, it is necessary to ensure their practicality. To do this, it is essential to think about some small details. What is necessary so that the panty liner is not a source of disturbance. It must be comfortable and very effective. Opt for panty liners with optimal protection. In other words, prefer those that are thinner, less bulky and above all that do not move too much. Again to save money, you can choose panty liners with a longer lifespan.

But before making your purchases, you must first prepare your budget. Thereafter, according to this one, you can make your choice. You won’t have to worry as some manufacturers offer high performance panty liners at a lower price. The best would be to get yourself a set of several to fully cover your menstrual cycle. Don’t forget that they are reusable! You won’t necessarily have to worry about the other months that follow.


How to use a Washable Panty Liner?

Most women prefer disposable panty liners for intimate protection during their period. Admittedly, they are very easy to use, but often controversial for health and the environment. In this way, many healthier and cheaper alternatives are available to these women. Currently, the washable panty liner is gradually taking a place in their daily lives. Moreover, they do not necessarily know how to use them. There is nothing complicated, just follow these tips.


  • Pre-use stage

After determining where to buy a new washable panty liner and before moving on to use, first consider choosing your model with great care. Feel free to shop around so you know how to choose the best washable panty liners of 2023. Choose the most suitable for your personal needs. It is generally recommended to use the organic washable panty liner. But it just depends on your preferences. Once the choice has been made, it is essential to carry out a first machine wash before even using it.


  • Put on the washable panty liner correctly

There are no big differences in how to use the washable panty liner and the disposable one. Besides, it is necessary to take into account some small details. First, you have to start by taking a stand. Just go to the bathroom, sit down and of course, pull down your panties. It is essential to place it at the bottom of it. Specifically, position your panty liner below your vagina so it doesn’t go too far forward or back.

If you have to lie down, the ideal is to place it a little further back. In general, depending on the model of your panty liner, the colored patterns or the white fabric are found against the skin. To help you, the side to put against the skin is always softer. Regarding the closure to optimize your safety, simply clip the snaps under the panties while choosing the most suitable level so that the panty liner does not move. And again, depending on the model, there are those that simply have a fin with an adhesive part.


  • Take good care of your washable panty liners

A single panty liner would not be enough for a day. Indeed, you will have to change protection from time to time. As most of the models are associated with a pocket, you can use them to store them while waiting to be home to wash them. If you prefer to wash by hand, simply rub the towel directly with an organic soap and wring well. Afterwards, you just have to proceed with drying.

In addition, for machine washing, first run your panty liners under lukewarm water until they are thoroughly wet. Then wring out so that the blood stains gradually disappear. If they are difficult to remove, prefer the use of an organic stain-removing soap. Depending on your model of panty liner, you can opt for machine washing directly between a temperature of 30°C and 60°C. Some models are resistant to 95°C.

Regarding drying, it is strongly recommended to opt for drying in the open air. In addition, if you need them quickly, you can put them in the dryer, on a gentle cycle to avoid damaging the fiber and reducing its absorption capacity.



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