How to Choose Good Face Cream

How to Choose Good Face Cream Buying Guide

How to choose a good face cream with better value for money? The answer to this question requires mastering several important criteria to make the right choice. There are many buying tips that we can give you, but the best thing is always to take your needs into account. Also, rely on the cream that matches your skin type and can satisfy your requirements, allowing you to get the result you want.


  • Skin Type

Determining your skin type is the first step you need to take if you want to know which face cream is right for you. This is why we attach importance to this point in this buying guide for the best face creams. In general, there are three types of skin, depending on the rate of sebum secretion. The first type is normal or combination skin.

For this type of skin, the T region consisting of the nose, forehead and chin is oilier while the cheeks are drier. In this case, a normal moisturizer is necessary. So-called oily skin, on the other hand, is manifested by dilated pores and the presence of pimples and blackheads. If you have this type of skin, opt for a mattifying cream. Finally, if you have dry skin, meaning your skin texture is barely visible, you need a rich moisturizer. However, you should also consider other features before choosing. Thus, sensitive skin that blushes easily needs a soothing cream, sagging skin needs a toning cream, while skin with dark spots needs an anti-blemish cream.


  • The Environment

Before going for a ride on a price comparison or in places where to buy a new face cream, you should know that it is also chosen according to your lifestyle. So, if you live in a polluted place like big cities, it is better to favor an anti-pollution fluid. If you are more of an athlete, but not the electrostimulation abdominal belt type, and you practice even in winter, opt for a moisturizer with sunscreen.

On the other hand, in summer with the heat, fluid and light creams are to be preferred. During this season in particular, you can replace your day cream with sunscreen to better protect yourself from the sun’s rays, especially if you go out often.


  • Age

Although not as important as skin type when choosing cream, the age factor should still be taken into account. Indeed, the older the skin, the more it requires specific anti-aging creams that will get rid of wrinkles and other imperfections that age has highlighted. Already, at the age of 25, the skin is already getting thinner since the production of collagen is decreasing.

Thus, at this age, some already resort to an anti-aging cream. However, a good quality moisturizer can perfectly replace this type of cream and may be sufficient for still young skin. Women need to readjust the care for their face from menopause when hormones cause various upheavals that can affect the skin of the face.


How to Use a Face Cream?

From the age of 25, the cell renewal of our skin slows down more and more. So to stay young, care is needed. Especially for the face which is the most exposed to all types of aggressions. Among these treatments, you can invest in a professional hair dryer, but don’t forget the face cream either. In the few lines below, we show you how to use it well.


  • Read the product label first

The label is an important part of the product that informs you about several aspects of the product. So don’t ignore it. Indeed, before using your cream, remember to check all the components it contains. If you are allergic or sensitive to any of them, avoid applying it to your skin at all costs. Another piece of information that may be useful to you concerns advice on how to use the product. Indeed, if it is a day cream, it is only applied in the morning and the same for the evening. If there is no precision, you can use it in the morning and in the evening.


  • Cleanse and tone your skin first

Before applying your cream to the skin, there are some preparations to do. In particular, you must start by washing your face and drying it well. Afterwards, apply make-up remover water or your make-up remover cream using a cotton pad. Be sure to remove all impurities. If the cotton is still dirty, repeat the operation. Once all traces of pollution have been removed, take another cotton pad to apply a toning lotion. For information, this lotion is essential to tighten the pores of your face.


  • Perform a facial massage

After removing make-up and toning your skin, it is ready to receive the cream. It should be noted that the main role of a cream is hydration. Sometimes it also nourishes the skin however this varies according to the types of skin for which it is designed. Regarding its application, put a dab of this texture on your forehead, your cheeks, your chin and your nose. Then massage your skin starting from the bridge of your nose towards the cheeks and avoid stretching your skin downwards.


  • Apply it after each weekly treatment

These gestures are to be carried out every day but also every week when you exfoliate and apply a mask. It is important to remove the remains of dead skin that prevent your epidermis from breathing well. Then you have to exfoliate. Thereafter, be sure to feed it well. For that, nothing better than a mask. But after these two steps, your skin needs to be protected and hydrated. So apply your cream in the same way as during your daily ritual.


  • Keep it dry and out of the sun

The creams nourish the skin while sometimes protecting it from the sun and other free radicals. But for them to do their job well, they need to be cared for the right way. In fact, if you let air and humidity penetrate it, you risk finding mold there. And if you leave them in the sun, these components will degrade and you risk damaging your skin by using it. Store the pot in a dry place away from heat.



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