How to Choose a Good Horn Comb

How to Choose a Good Horn Comb

As its name suggests, the horn comb is an accessory for combing the hair, but it also contributes to hair care. It is the ideal tool given its advantages and particularities. Here are some tips that will serve as a buying guide to choose the best horn comb.


  • Shape

It is commonly accepted that it is the horn combs with a handle that are the most practical for daily use. In other words, it is more suitable for individuals. On the other hand, horn combs without handles are recommended for hairdressers who often have to cut their clients’ hair. Not only does this allow for more surface area, but also to catch a lot more hair before you cut it.

As for the shape of the teeth, the tighter ones are designed for fine hair. When you have rather thick and long hair, it is best to invest in models with wider teeth and longer sleeves. The advantage with the larger horn comb is that you can engrave it without breaking it. This will only enhance its design which is both unique and classic.


  • Check the strength of the material

Certainly, horn is reputed to be a durable natural material compared to plastic or metal. However, it is important to check that the comb is strong enough to prevent the teeth from breaking after a few weeks of use. To do this, it is necessary to select the most coveted brands with fairly rigid teeth. Also, you can test the comb by running your finger over the top of the teeth. Thus, you will know if these bend in its passage, therefore too flexible and too thin. This can eventually create knots and break the hair.


  • Don’t forget the accessories

As it was said before, the brand of manufacture is one of the important points to consider especially before looking for where to buy a new horn comb. Choose brands that offer a storage pouch, additional hair products or lotions, etc. When you decide to get this kind of comb, consider buying coconut oil. Just run it over the comb with a cloth to clean it. Otherwise, wash it in soapy water with shampoo 3 times a year or more if necessary.

It is clear that horn combs have many advantages, namely economic, biodegradable, keratin, etc. Hence the question how to buy a better value horn comb? They are easier to spot on sites devoted to craftsmanship. You will surely find a good price comparison site there. But in general, this kind of comb varies between 15 to 40 euros depending on the size, the quality of the manufacture of the model and the brand of course.


How to use a Horn Comb?

He never ceased to surprise or win new followers. Handcrafted from a natural material, the horn comb is timeless. Seeing your static and electric hair, you decided to go for the horn comb. How to use it to enjoy its benefits?


  • A ritual to do gently

Whether your hair is oily or dry, the horn comb smoothest it without damaging it. It repairs the split ends and closes the scales. On wet or dry hair, it makes combing a pleasant ritual in your daily life.

If you have dry hair that needs nourishment every day, distribute a little oil throughout your hair. For the lengths, prefer to start with a spread-tooth detangle. This is to remove the knots before the actual combing. Then, take the fine comb, gently pass it from the roots to the tips.

If you don’t have a large comb for detangling, start with the ends, before going up little by little to the roots. While combing your hair, you can touch your scalp as if to massage it. It will do you even more good.


  • Cleaning

Never leave hair on the comb. Remove them as soon as you finish combing. They may collect dust and other dirt. Moreover, it must be stored in a sheath to preserve it. Before storing it in the latter, wipe it with a cotton cloth.

From time to time, schedule a wash with soapy water or using your usual shampoo. Rub lightly with fingers. With a natural brush, cleanse between the teeth of the comb, then rinse with clean water. Do not use detergent, which may harm your tool. To dry it, use a dry cloth. It is advisable to leave the comb in the open air to finish drying between the teeth.


  • Regular oiling

The horn is made up of keratin, like our hair. Being a tool made of natural material, the horn comb is sensitive, and needs to be fed regularly. In the same way that you feed your hair with oil, to make it silky, supple, and shiny, the horn comb needs it too.

After washing and drying the comb, coat it with oil. You can use the same as you use for your hair. In the same way that you detect the dryness of your hair by touching it, you can feel if the comb needs nourishing care. Oily hair will naturally nourish the horn comb.

It is therefore not necessary to add more oil, except after washing. On the other hand, dry hair needs oil. To help regulate sebum, the comb needs oil too.


  • Respect the prohibitions

A horn comb can last for over 10 years, depending on how much attention the user gives it. Some families pass them down from generation to generation. This tool supports water, but not to stay wet for long. Avoid leaving it in a damp place. Do not use it with a straightener, the heat may weaken it. Take care of it, like you do for your hair.



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