How to Choose the Best Kabuki Brush

How to Choose the Best Kabuki Brush

The kabuki brush has a large number of bristles compared to other brushes. Its bristles are found in rounded, straight or beveled shapes. Each model has different functions and can be used to apply powder, foundation, concealer, among others.

By having a top with many bristles, often close-knit and synthetic , the kabuki brush provides medium to heavy coverage to the skin. It is a great brush to use for more elaborate makeup, whether for parties, events or for professional use.

Depending on the shape of their top, kabuki brushes can be suitable for different types of use, such as applying liquid, cream or powder products. Below you will find this information and other tips on how to choose. Check it!

For the powder blush and the contour you will use one brush, for the cream blush and the contour another. Liquid, cream and powder textures require differently shaped kabuki brushes. To facilitate understanding, we detail below the most important points to observe when choosing a brush.

With a rounded top, this type of brush has slightly longer and fluffier bristles than straight-cut kabuki brushes. These brushes are great for applying powder products, and you can find them in a tapered, beveled, or simply rounded shape .

The bevelled brushes, due to their shape, adapt perfectly to the angles of the face, being ideal for applying blush, contouring and tanning. The tapered and rounded ones are best suited for applying loose face powder and highlighter, but can also be used for blush.

They are usually found with a straight top or a straight diagonal cut, have long or short synthetic bristles, and are ideal for applying liquid and cream products. The straight-topped shape is optimal for even application of foundation all over the face.

Some beveled models with the straight cut give better results when used for liquid and creamy contouring. Because it has a differentiated cut, the chisel brush is also perfect for applying foundation in the corners of the face, such as the corner of the nose or the corner of the eyes.

The handle of the brush is used to hold the product more firmly and safely. For this reason, it is important to choose brushes with good quality handles. The wooden handles provide greater durability to the accessory, but consequently they also make the brush more expensive.

Brushes made with plastic or aluminum handles are usually lighter, but may have less durability and may break or wear more easily. On the contrary, its value may be less compared to others.

Natural bristles are often made from animal hair and for many years were considered the best for their softness and ease of handling. However, in the last few years, synthetic bristles have gained in strength and quality and are quite similar to natural bristles.

Due to the awareness of the brands, many of them have cruelty-free and vegan products. Cruelty-free brushes are products not tested on animals and free of any animal cruelty . Vegan toothbrushes, on the other hand, are free from animal testing and from any ingredient of animal origin.



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