How to Choose the Best Nail File

How to Choose the Best Nail File

Choosing the nail file according to the type is the first step to make your nails beautiful, but for this you must check some details. Understand below why the shape, material, thickness and finish you are looking for are so important to your purchase.

Sandpaper basically fulfills 2 functions: adjust the length and shape of your nails, or polish their surface , in order to level them and give them more shine. To make the right choice, take into account which finish you are looking for, or opt for 2 models whose functions are complementary.

Traditional and well-known, sanders with a nail size adjustment function are the main ones on the market. They can be made of different materials such as paper, metal, and glass , and should be used to shape your nails, leaving them very even and pretty.

Sandpaper, on the other hand, is made of foam and has faces with different degrees of abrasiveness and texture. They are recommended for those who have curls and want to level their nails . Although it is a smooth model, be careful when using it, since excessive polishing can weaken your nails.

Nail files are made of different materials, such as paper, metal, and glass. In addition to confirming if the material is the right one for your nail, you should know that each of these models has prices and durability that vary. Stay tuned to make the right choice!

Made of cardboard with sand granules, paper files are the best known on the market, especially since they can be used on any type of nail . This model has a softer part and a rougher, more abrasive part, so be careful not to apply too much force, eh?

Super cheap, paper files need to be changed at least every 3 months. They fulfill very well the function of shaping the nails in the desired format . In addition, they are very effective on brittle nails.

Perfect for those with thick, hard nails, metal files can wear down nails very easily and quickly, so you don’t need to push too hard when using them. Made with a textured metal, they have great durability.

The material is great, since it allows easy sanitization , so you will avoid the risk of contaminating your sandpaper with fungi and bacteria. It is worth investing in these types of files to leave in your bag, since they do not break and allow you to match the size of your nails quickly, in an emergency.

Especially for those with brittle nails, glass nail files are a great choice. Since they gently shape your nails, you can create well-defined finishes , especially on the tips of the nails. Excellent for doing stiletto and ballerina nails.

Its effect is less abrasive , so it can be used on more delicate nails. Of all the models, this is the most difficult to find in Spain and with the highest price, but it is worth it, because glass nail files are super durable. But don’t let it fall to the ground!

The foam body makes the sandpaper flexible, easy to use on both hands and feet. Some foam sandpapers have 4 grained sides, some more abrasive and some less, and can be used for sanding, polishing, buffing and removing bumps .

They are a must to use before applying false , acrylic, fiberglass or gel nails. The foam block file removes ripples from the nails, making the false nail better adhere to the natural nail. But be careful not to overdo it, as this can end up weakening the nail.

Nail files come in 3 shapes: straight, diamond, and curved. To choose, you must take into account if you want enamel or molds and if you are going to use it on natural or false nails. Straight files are the most traditional, super easy to use, indicated for shaping natural nails .

Diamond files have the function of polishing natural nails and are mainly used before applying false nails. While curved files are used to minimize imperfections and polish more resistant materials, such as gel, false and fiberglass nails.

Analyze the thickness of the sandpaper: fine for the finish and coarse to wear down the nails
Described on the packaging, or in the product information, the thickness of the sandpaper should be analyzed before purchase. The fine files are recommended for shaping the nails and making small adjustments , so they are ideal for natural nails and for the most delicate and fragile ones.

But the coarse and medium files, less known on the market, wear down the length of the nails easily, because they are more abrasive . They are indicated mainly for those who use artificial nails , such as acrylic, fiberglass and false nails, and for people with very resistant nails.

Also, some brands indicate the grit of the sandpaper: the higher this value, the finer the sandpaper will be . An option with a 180 grit is quite fine, making it ideal for natural nails. A 100 grit file is coarser, so it should be used on artificial nails.



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