How to Choose Good Women’s Sandals

How to Choose Good Women’s Sandals

In hot weather, feet tend to sweat and what else but sandals to let them breathe. Do you need a new pair of barefoot shoes? Remember to consult our advice to choose a good women’s sandals at a reasonable price. The three characteristics you should pay attention to when making your purchase are trends, materials and comfort.


  • Follow the sandals trend

Whether or not you are a “crazy” fashion designer, you know that sandals are the shoes that will allow you to make the most of the summer season. Whether they are flat or with heels, sober or whimsical, you will never go unnoticed with barefoot shoes “at your feet”. If you’re wondering how to buy better value women’s sandals, it’s imperative that you educate yourself on current trends.

Sandals are timeless, all true fashionistas know that. The fashion is currently for mules which are easily recognized by their thick soles, but apart from one detail, they are now more colorful and shimmering. Spartans, which were very “in” a few years ago, have also been brought up to date and come in several design and color choices. For a more voyeur look, you could walk the streets of your home with women’s sandals printed with floral or animal motifs, it is also one of the big trends of this season.


  • The manufacturing materials used

Remember to pay attention to the materials of manufacture when buying the sandals. This buying guide for the best women’s sandals recommends that you try on the shoes beforehand. The ideal is to choose sandals that are made with natural products of animal origin such as smooth leather, split leather or nubuck skin.

Classically, leather sandals are made in a traditional way, but they are nonetheless articles of excellent quality. Since they are very light, you will hardly feel them when you have them on your feet. Handmade leather sandals consider orthopedic principles: they will guarantee you healthy walking, especially if you have sensitive feet. Whether you are sitting or standing, handcrafted sandals will always provide maximum comfort.


  • Priority to comfort

When buying the sandals, you need to make sure that they are the right size for you. In other words, your feet should not protrude either at the front, or at the back, or on the sides. The straps of the sandals must provide you with the comfort you deserve. They should not rub or pinch you. If you intend your sandals for walking, it is better to opt for pairs with flat heels which will give you better arch support. Otherwise, you could opt for pairs with heels or wedges. Having gone through the basic features, the time has now come to move on to the essential question: “where to buy new women’s sandals”?


How to use Women’s Sandals?

When summer comes, wearing sandals becomes an essential fashion. Faced with the heat, you must absolutely let your feet breathe because they tend to sweat. If you have recently purchased a pair of women’s sandals, we invite you to follow this article which aims to inform you about the ways to proceed for its proper use.


  • Consider its design

The look is an important criterion when you have this kind of accessory in your possession. You will have to adapt the design of your sandals according to the current trend and your fashion. You will necessarily have to check the outfits that go with your article, whether in terms of color, but also texture. The Clarks Temira Compass is a timeless model. That is to say, it adjusts to all the fashions that may arise. It offers a classic and sober style, which gives it this characteristic.


  • Check its size

One of the most important criteria on which you will necessarily have to look is the size of your sandals. Make sure they are your size to get the most out of their comfort. It is always unpleasant to wear shoes that are too small, as they may compress your feet and make you feel uncomfortable. You may even encounter health problems, especially in terms of the flow of blood circulation. And conversely, a model that is too loose could come off in full use.


  • Inspect its material of manufacture

It is important that you check the material of manufacture of your article. Consider its design so you can estimate its sturdiness. Make sure it is made with a strong and resistant structure to give you its attributes over a long period of time. The Crocs Huarache model features a multicolored look that brings summer hues to life. It is entirely made of rubber. This allows it to be both stylish, resistant and light.



  • Take a look at the sole

Your carrying comfort depends on the quality of the soles of your sandal. Make sure that the model you have in hand offers attributes, both of solidity, but also of optimization of your well-being. Consider its material of manufacture and its thickness so that you don’t have to fully feel the state of the ground when you walk on it.

The Clarks Manilla Bonita model has compact rubber soles. You can use your equipment for hours in maximum comfort. They are lined to allow your feet to breathe properly and prevent the formation of any blisters even after continuous use for several hours.


  • Look at the closing system

Make sure the fastening system of your sandals so that they practically stay in place during use. Also check the efficiency of its mechanism and its solidity. As a result, you will not risk tightening your sandals frequently. The Kickers Abyway model has an elegant design that can adapt to all clothing styles. It features a buckle-style closure to ensure secure wearing.


The Most Popular Brands

Besides the design, color and material of construction, choosing women’s sandals can be overwhelming. Beyond the main criteria, it is also important to adopt a good brand in order to increase the comfort of the feet. For this purpose, we have sorted out the best in terms of women’s sandals.

Founded in 1984 by a Grand Canyon guide, Teva is one of the biggest designer brands in the world to this day. With new ideas, a free and creative spirit, the brand had embarked on the manufacture of the first sports sandal. Since then, Teva has continued to surprise its customers with a wide variety of trendy and daring shoes.

Women’s sandals designed by the Teva brand are among the favorites of users. Manufacturing materials that are both soft and resistant, neat finishes with a personal touch of the brand, a wide variety of choices according to customer preferences, superior quality soles… Teva sandals are versatile and accessible to all female gender. Especially since the price remains reasonable.

Ecco is a Danish brand specializing in the manufacture of shoes. If to this day, this brand is ranked among the 5 largest shoe manufacturers in the world, it made its debut in 1963 as a small company. Founded by Karl Toosbuy, Ecco has made different kinds of shoes including sandals for women.

The Ecco brand presents various collections in order to adapt to the intended use and to promote comfort. The soles are selected according to the use. Namely that to comply with customer requirements, Ecco displays entry-level and high-end sandals.

J. Clark International Ltd or Clarks is a British brand with a high reputation in the production and sale of shoes. A company founded in 1825 by Cyrus Clark and James Clark, Clarks presents a multitude of items for men, women and children alike. Moreover, if you are looking for a pair of sandals for women, we direct you to the Clarks brand.

Geox is an Italian brand founded in 1995 by Mario Moretti Polegato. A company with a great international reputation, it focuses on the manufacture of footwear and ready-to-wear. To this day, the Geox brand rivals the fiercest designers around the world.

The considerable advantage of Geox women’s sandals lies in the quality and efficiency of the soles. This company focuses on breathability and comfort for everyday consumers. Regardless of the season or the tasks to be undertaken, Geox soles make it easier to move. Moreover, Geox soles have been the subject of several patents.

Created in 1960 by the Nakam family, the Jonak brand is one of the biggest French brands working in shoe design. In the beginning, Jonak was considered a small family business with artisanal charm. Thanks to the ingenuity and avant-garde vision of Joseph Nakam, the company developed widely on the international market in 1978.

The positive point of Jonak women’s sandals is certainly the workmanship. If it is obvious that the brand develops trendy and urban shoes, it is inspired by artisanal manufacturing techniques. Nothing is left to chance to keep its authenticity.



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