How to Choose Good Women’s Watch

How to Choose Good Women’s Watch

While it’s easy enough to find where to buy a new women’s watch, not everyone knows how to buy a better value women’s watch. We therefore offer you some advice concerning the belt, the dial and the options of the watch, to help you to choose the best women’s watch to gift your loved ones.


  • The Strap / Belt

One of the first criteria that should be addressed in a buying guide for the best women’s watches concerns the belt of the watch. This is the first part that determines the style of watch you choose. So, if you are planning to buy a sports watch for example, you will generally opt for a leather belt, real or synthetic, because this belt adapts to the exact circumference of your wrist and will therefore remain in place for the duration of your watch. your workout.

On the other hand, for a watch for a dressy outfit, to go in the evening for example, you will especially choose a belt in noble metal, like gold or silver, or not, like steel. For an everyday watch, both types of belts work very well. The choice of belt is not only a question of style, but also of durability.

It’s also usually the part that wears out the fastest when it’s not made of metal. Leather is therefore a great option because it is durable. In recent years, we have also seen fabric belts, but this one, although very nice, is not durable. Some inexpensive watches are even made of plastic, which has the advantage of silver, but it also deteriorates more quickly than leather, and it is less attractive.


  • The dial

As with the belt, it’s all about preferences and the type of watch you want. For example, some people find that the rhinestones on the dials are made for a fancy, “dressy” watch, while for other people it’s a watch that can be worn every day just fine.

But when we talk to you about the dial, we also talk to you about its shape and dimensions. Generally, women’s watches have a round shape. But some watches have a square or hexagonal dial. Again, it’s all about taste. For its dimensions, these depend on the size of your wrist. For a person with a thin wrist, preferably opt for small dials so as not to make your wrist seem too frail.


  • The options

A watch is above all made to be able to read the time wherever you are, as long as you wear it on your wrist. But first, you have to know if you want a digital or mechanical watch. The preference, for a matter of habit and tradition in terms of watches, is for mechanical watches which are generally found to be prettier, but it is up to you to choose your favorite model.

Some watches also offer other options, including the display of the date, that is to say the day of the month, thanks to another small dial inside. Others also show you the day of the week for people who easily get lost in the days, or even the time in 24-hour format, with a small internal dial when it comes to mechanical watches. Some watches also offer the alarm option.

Once you have determined all the options you want to find on your watch, you can search a price comparison to find the cheapest one that includes your selection criteria.


How to use a Women’s Watch?

You have gotten yourself the watch of your dreams which will not only save you delays, but which will also make a good jewelry accessory. It would still be necessary to know how to wear it well so that it is easily remarkable and practical. But don’t panic, just follow these few tips to be able to put it on almost every outing without looking extravagant. Of course, it is essential to know how to use it.


  • Wear the watch on the right wrist

It is not very easy to decide between the right hand and the left hand. Some will choose the dominant right away. But it is not necessarily mandatory. Indeed, it is often occupied for the various operations that are carried out. She is therefore occupied most of the time. And to see the time, it will still be necessary to release it. In addition, it moves most often and exposes this precious accessory to clashes. Most Europeans therefore use the left. But it all depends on everyone. It is sometimes more stylish to get out of the trends a little in order to stand out.


  • Adjust the bracelet properly

A bracelet that is too tight will make you feel uncomfortable. And nothing is more unpleasant than seeing your watch, too loose, slipping on your arm when you want to check the time. For women, especially, this accessory must be placed exactly around the wrists like any other jewel. Fortunately to remedy this, most manufacturers offer variants with a pin buckle. Note that for some cases you have to shorten the bracelet at a specialist.


  • Set the time correctly

Nothing too fancy on this side. Both analog and digital, they all have an easy adjustment system. For the former, all you have to do is pull the crown located on one of the sides and turn it. There are other variants with a small space for the date and the month. The latter are generally equipped with a second crown. If this is not the case, the single device must be pulled twice for the day and three times for the month. The second models are more simplified with easy to understand interactive buttons.


  • Match the watch with the rest of his clothes

For the more experienced, they choose the watch according to their dress code. The “dressy” versions are more suitable for “classy” and “evening” styles. This also applies to “athletic” women who will be more elegant with leggings and sneakers. Besides, not to take the lead, just marry the color of the bracelet with that of the shoe.


  • Perform interviews from time to time

If you want to make the most of an impeccable watch, it is necessary to maintain it from time to time, especially if you wear it often. Just use usual jewelry cleaning tools. Watchmaking services can also take care of it so that it regains its former glory. At the same time, the professional will carry out diagnostics to detect any faults.


The Most Popular Brands

Being well accessorized is a characteristic of a modern woman. Of course, that doesn’t always mean wearing trendy jewelry. Both practical and chic, a watch enhances a woman’s appearance. It is an asset to bring out a style and must therefore be chosen with discernment. Renowned brands are a symbol of reliability.

Created around 1981, this company is recognized worldwide for its fashion items. The founding father, Georges Marciano, and his brothers chose Los Angeles for the company’s headquarters. Guess therefore offers a wide range of clothing, high-end bags, but also jewelry and glasses.

Among the best successes of the brand, the watch has stood out. It is available in a large number of models. It is possible to find specimens suitable only for women or for men, but you can also get a mixed item. In general, the products offered by this firm are waterproof, with different depths.

American stylist, Michael Kors created his own brand around 1981. He then launched into the manufacture of women’s clothing. In 1995, his company designed ready-to-wear. Since its inception, this company has enjoyed tremendous success with its products. To date, it has many subsidiaries around the world.

In addition to clothing items, Michael Kors also offers a large collection of women’s watches. They are made of stainless steel, some of which have a gold or brushed finish. For some models, the dial is customizable, allowing their owners to make them unique. It is also possible to find specimens that you can link to your Android and iPhone devices.

Created in 1946 by Tadao Kashio, this brand is based in Mikata, Japan. In its early days, it manufactured gearboxes and microscopes. But this firm is world famous for its calculator watches. It also offers PDAs and digital cameras.

Currently, this company sells different types of women’s watches. Models can be with analog or digital display. The case is usually made of resin, but the material of manufacture of the bracelet changes according to the specimen. It can therefore be made of stainless steel. Also, the movement is almost always quartz.

American company, Fossil is a manufacturer of clothing and fashion accessories. She mainly specializes in the design of sunglasses, shoes, wallets and many more. It was founded by Tom Kartsotis in 1984 and started with retro leather goods. Today it is one of the best-known brands in the world.

This firm is also renowned for the quality of its women’s watches. To date, many models can be connected to a Smartphone. It is also possible to find specimens offering activity tracking for those with a busy schedule. Colors can be chosen according to taste.

This firm is a manufacturer whose center of activity is the entire watchmaking sector. She is based in Woodside, Queens in New York. It was created by Joseph Bulova around 1875. The first products of this company were jewelry with original formats.

To date, it offers a full range of women’s watches. It is possible to find specimens in stainless steel and leather, which makes them durable. Many even have excellent submersion resistance and can go up to 30m or more underwater without being damaged. The majority use a lithium metal battery for good autonomy.



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