How to Choose Best Stick Highlighters Buying Guide

How to Choose Best Stick Highlighters Buying Guide 

The highlighter stick takes care of leaving skin looking glowing, whether for understated vivacity or a highlighted glow. It became even more famous after the popularization of the Strobing technique, in which it is about illuminating the high points of the face, enhancing the natural beauty.

If you have oily skin, using a highlighter stick is not always a good idea. The creamy texture can make the skin appear even oilier and even lead to acne as it blends into the oiliness of the skin, even when it is oil-free or matte.

The tip for those with oily skin who like the stick version is to seal the product in with the powder highlighter, which will continue to intensify the glow .

Especially when buying online, it is important to know how to read the product description and understand which one has the right specifications for each person. Look at what features you should look for to buy a good illuminator.

Choosing a good stick highlighter requires more than choosing the best brand or the best finish. Skin color must also be taken into account. Using soft shades like pearlescent, pink, champagne and silver on fair skin brings more naturalness and balance to the production.

However, if your skin is naturally reddish, be careful with pink highlighters as they can increase redness. To avoid this effect, remember to use a good concealer to reduce redness before applying the highlighter stick.

If you are light black or have a yellowish undertone, a gold highlighter stick will give you a special glow. Whether it is to achieve a natural luminosity or a marked effect, the combination is perfect.

A peachy blush with a gold highlighter can give an interesting air of naturalness for a daytime event. For those with black skin who want the perfect highlighter, avoid silver tones . Using the gold or champagne highlighter stick is the best option to enhance the color of your skin.

Combining these bright shades with pink or orange blushes will be the perfect combination to enhance the contour and give a sophisticated look. Although it is a product to be applied only to certain parts of the face, opting for a stick highlighter with sun protection and waterproof is an excellent option, especially in summer.

If you are active outdoors frequently, using a highlighter stick with these benefits will prevent your makeup from “running” and smudging, and prevent skin problems from sun exposure.

Depending on the event, alternate between soft or strong glow.  It is normal that for each event and time of day, the expected effect when using a bar illuminator is different. Soft glow highlighters add a touch of health and elegance for a daytime event or business meeting.

On the other hand, for a dinner or a night out , a remarkable shine that highlights the contours will guarantee a more impressive and sensual look. To intensify the glow, our advice is to layer more of the highlighter stick over a matte foundation, or set with a powder highlighter.

Choosing a product made with natural compounds considerably decreases the chances of developing allergies or acne on sensitive skin. Even for those who don’t have this problem, choosing an organic highlighter stick is one way to take care of your skin while using it.



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