5 Tips To Maintain Healthy Foot

5 Tips To Maintain Healthy Foot

Have you ever wondered where your feet go when walking? The importance of maintaining healthy foot health is something that everyone should take seriously when considering their overall lifestyle and overall wellbeing. So here are a few tips that will help you to maintain healthy foot.

While we all know the basic facts about our feet such as the number of toes and areas of the feet, feet aren’t just about how many toes they have or what type of footwear they wear.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a casual stroll around town or a morning run, every trip down the stairs or even from one room to another requires some sort of foot movement.

Even after an especially long day of work, standing up on a high platform or stepping over a curb, a walk will require a certain amount of movement to get you up to speed. By practicing good foot health, you can avoid pain and damage, and you will feel better in general.


1) Warm Up Your Shoes with Cold Water

You may think this tip is similar to using cold water on your hands. However, this technique has been proven to be helpful for those who struggle with toe discomfort. Warming up your shoes with ice cold water before each activity is a great method to prepare your feet for anything that might come your way.

For example, while going for a daily jog, wearing shoes that are made out of flexible, easy-to-break materials would be ideal because of their ability to absorb heat. Similarly, running in hot weather can cause shoes to become too rigid and increase chances of injury. When preparing your feet for any physical activity, make sure to warm them up by submerging with ice. This can help with circulation and prevent blood clots from forming.


2) Stretch Out Each Joint Every Day

Stretching is the key to easing the aches and pains that have plagued people for years. Unfortunately, most of us don’t stretch enough. What’s more, stretching isn’t always easy. There are simple stretches on hand, but there are also more complex ones that require specific techniques. A few examples of these include side crunches, twists, planks and back bends.

Learning these exercises will keep you moving and reduce the chance of injuring yourself. You can practice these exercises anywhere – at home, on the bus or simply by taking a brisk walk across the street to the grocery store. With proper stretching techniques, you can strengthen the muscles around the joints so that they won’t hurt as much even during your walks and runs.


3) Cleanse Between Shoe Laces Daily

If you look into cleaning between the laces of your shoe, you’ll find that it’s not necessarily necessary to wash all your shoes often. That said, there isn’t anything wrong with washing only occasionally because different types of dirt can have different effects on different shoe laces. However, most people do not regularly clean between the laces of their shoes throughout each day. Instead, it’s recommended to let your shoes air dry overnight so that no bacteria or debris remains on the shoes after they’ve been left alone for days or weeks. Doing this simple trick is extremely beneficial because once the dust and dirt are gone, it shouldn’t take much effort to clean between the laces again.


4) Keep Them Clean Under Stearns

If your shoes smell bad after being worn, try keeping them under your socks. Most sneaks will use their fingers and nails to remove your shoes, which can lead to bacteria building up. If you want them to smell cleaner, wipe them under your socks every night before putting them away in the laundry. Alternatively, store them inside your shoes after washing them. After a period of time, your shoes will start smelling nice again. Keep doing this until all dirt or odor is removed from them.


5) Use Gloves Before Hiking In Snowy Weather

When hiking in winter, it can be difficult to stay in shape. As a result, your body can become weak and fatigued, putting added stress on your joints. Fortunately, having gloves in your hiking boots makes this problem less likely to arise. Using gloves helps you stay in shape because you won’t get frostbite on your hands. When walking through snow, it can be hard to tell where your toes end up.

Glove protection gives you the confidence that your toes are protected, while helping to preserve more moisture than you would experience running barefoot. Plus, gloves provide extra dexterity in inclement conditions, saving for any mishaps. Whether it’s protecting someone against slipping rocks or making turns in icy water, making proper gear to withstand freezing temperatures can save lives.

As long as you take care of your feet, you won’t regret any part of your life that involves making regular visits to a foot doctor. Take the time to visit with your family members to discuss potential problems and concerns. Regularly visiting a podiatrist is critical to making sure that you have all the support your feet need to be healthy. Not only can doctors examine your feet and give advice for the care of existing issues, but they can perform surgery on areas that are causing problems for you.



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