5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair

5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair

We all love hair care tips at some point or another, and this one is a no-brainer for me. I have been using them for years in various areas of my life (and some places where they may not seem so trendy anymore). So here are some of the best tips you need to know to maintain healthy hair.


1. Keep it clean!

I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your hair care products clean, but you need to make sure that you’re using clean ingredients. Look for hair oils with natural ingredients that don’t contain any chemicals in them, like coconut oil or olive oil. Or check out these products that are made with essential oils: Lavender Oil Moisturizer from Amazon, Coconut Oily Hair Oil formulated by John Frieda, Aloe Vera Gel Creamer from Walmart and Revlon Lip Balm. If those don’t fill you up enough, try adding honey or rosemary to help create a thicker texture (which would also help keep dryness at bay). A few other great options are Manuka Honey, E.L.F. Hair & Scalp Conditioning Spray and Jojoba Seed Butter.


2. Go easy on styling

I’m actually on board with the idea of going easy when it comes to styling your hair. Let your hair breathe and let it do its thing. Don’t be afraid to use less volume on specific strands—that’s how long and thick your hair will be. And if you’re wondering how to curl your hair without making it look messy, read this article. But do go crazy with a spray bottle of hairspray or blow-dryer mousse.


3. Try conditioning every day!

If at first you don’t succeed, try again until you get it right, then move onto next month’s step. Yes, even though doing these things for only once a week is better than doing them daily, it doesn’t mean that you can skip them. Because, as cheesy as it sounds, having a basic routine will have you feeling good about every single day, which makes everything else easier. Just make sure that you’re giving yourself your best self while following these steps.


4. Find an effective shampoo or conditioner

The secret to getting rid of the dirt, grime and dust from your hair is in what you put on your head and scalp. That’s because a big part of hair care is washing and brushing your hair regularly. Use an efficient formula to wash your hair every week for best results (I find mine through Neutrogena Clean Hair Shampoo and Rinse + Curl Classic Dry Shampoo ). Wash your hair with salt water before bed.

When the water has dried off, apply this product on damp scalp (it’s important to wet your hair) and massage into all layers of hair. This will be your foundation to work on. Then rinse hair with warm water when you wake up. Another option is Caudalie Hydrating Exfoliating Styling Concentrate (I use it everyday for smooth and shiny hair), it helps remove split ends and dead ends and adds shine to hair. It’s available in two different formulas and both are 100% vegan.


5. Apply sunscreen on top of regular hair care

If you want to protect your skin from damage from sun rays, always wear SPF 30 or higher (but really don’t forget to wear a hat—sun screening is just around the corner). If you’re wearing a bikini (or whatever you’re wearing in summer), make sure you’re wearing protection during swims and beach trips and don’t leave your skin exposed to the UV rays too much throughout the warm months (but you’ll thank us later). Lastly, if you’re looking to prevent premature aging, apply a light layer of gel topicals to your face to reduce puffiness and dark circles under eyes and cheekbones to prevent sun damage.



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