Tips To Hide White Hair Naturally

Tips to Hide White Hair Naturally

That’s it, the day you’ve been dreading has arrived. Your first gray hairs have appeared. For most, man or woman, this moment always generates a little stress and panic. A thousand and one questions run through our heads: should we color them? Should we leave as is and assume this new look? In the majority of cases, we opt for coloring, but still it will be necessary to know what color to cover white hair. To better find yourself, follow the guide to hide your white hair naturally.


 Temporary coloring: color or wick to hide white hair?

Gray hair usually appears in the early 40s. But there are cases, which are not insignificant, where they appear from the thirties. Sometimes even 20-year-olds already have natural blonde locks. Several reasons can explain this fact to name only genetics, pollution and stress. Be that as it may, rare are the women who agree to have white hair so that as soon as they appear, many of them proceed to color it. But before embarking on hair dye, you will have to find what color to cover white hair.

Once this is done, you will also need to start by knowing how much white hair you have. If they still come down to a few lost threads in your long mane, the best would be to favor a scan. This technique aims to hide them temporarily. But what sweep on white hair? Why not opt ​​for the ash blonde? If you have white hair with blonde highlights, this color will create the perfect shade to drown out the blonde strands in the mass.


Permanent coloring: to completely cover the hair

White settles a lot in the hair color of a 60-year-old woman. But it’s not uncommon to see women in their 40s and 50s with all-white hair. The only solution? Permanent coloring. If you have already tried to hide white hair by sweeping and this technique did not work, permanent coloring will be the best alternative.

In this momentum, it would be better to prefer natural reflections or ashy colors. It should be noted, however, that permanent dyes are highly concentrated in oxidants. This means that once you use this technique, it will be difficult for your hair to regain its natural color.

If you want to go about it the natural way, mother nature is full of natural ingredients that can help you. Coffee, for example, is most frequently used to cover white hair. To do this, simply add two tablespoons of ground coffee to your shampoo. Then, all you have to do is apply the mixture to your freshly washed hair. When this is done, cover everything with a bathing cap for at least an hour and then rinse. Be careful, coffee only works if you have brown or brown hair. For dyeing a man’s gray hair, it would be better to use sage. If you have natural dark blonde hair, use golden henna instead. It is able to hide gray hair naturally while giving your hair a honeyed sheen.


Tone on tone: effective coloring for white hair

If your white hair represents 20 to 40% of your mane, it would be better to opt for tone on tone. The reason is that in this phase, the caramel balisage to hide white hair no longer works. Blonde locks will be too dominant. But unlike sweeping or highlights on white hair, when it comes to tone- on-tone ammonia-free coloring, light shades are also preferred. This will be the best way to ensure that your highlights remain harmonious.

If you have brown hair, prefer shades that are two shades lighter than your natural color. This way, there won’t be too much nuance between the new coloring and your initial color. To color white hair with tone-on-tone, start by mixing a teaspoon of coloring cream with a teaspoon of developer. Then, using a toothbrush, apply the mixture to your white locks. Let it sit for at least 25 minutes before rinsing. You will see that the rendering remains natural without any effect on your roots.


Eyebrow coloring: for or against?

The coloring of the eyebrows goes hand in hand with that of the hair when they begin to whiten. But that doesn’t mean you can use the same hair color product on your eyebrows. Unless of course it is natural ingredients such as coffee or even black tea and cocoa. In other cases, use a dye specifically dedicated to the eyebrows. And in this momentum, it will not only be necessary to wonder what color to cover white hair. It is also important to choose the color of your eyebrows carefully so as not to create a strong enough contrast.


Care: an important milestone

So that your color does not fade, it is important to take care of your hair. This maintenance is all the more important if you have used a color with a high concentration of oxidant. We leave in the spotlight the shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. They are essential to guarantee the hold of the pigments.

You can also use a mask to protect your mane. Know that it is also possible to make a care for white hair house. To limit the drying effects of coloring, use an avocado and banana-based mask. The mixture of these fruits will allow your hair to regain volume by deeply nourishing the hair fiber. You can also use sweet almond oil.



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