Tips to Choose the Best Concealer for Dark Circles

Tips to Choose the Best Concealer for Dark Circles with this Simple Buying Guide

How to choose the best concealer for Dark Circles? The answer is simple, before investing in a concealer, you should know if this product has the characteristics that you expect. See below what are the attributes that you should check when buying your concealer.

Concealer is an indispensable component for perfect skin. Helps to hide dark circles, blemishes and skin marks. In addition, it also works as an illuminator and helps contour. However, with so many options on the market, choosing the best product for you can be a bit tricky.


Choose According to the Type of Concealer

When we search for concealers on the internet, various products with different shapes and textures appear, right? Therefore, it can seem a bit confusing to know which product to buy. What do you think about knowing the models available on the market before making your choice?


Concealer stick: firm application and good coverage

With a firm consistency, the concealer stick is shaped like a bullet (similar to a lipstick). Its more solid consistency gives firmness in the application and allows a good coverage . Its more opaque finish is recommended for oily skin . As it is a concentrated product, be very careful that it does not weigh on your hand and you apply too much.


Liquid Concealer: easy application and natural effect

Liquid concealer is the most popular and comes in different types of packaging, such as tube, wand, and pen . It has a lighter texture and provides a more natural effect. In addition, its consistency also makes it more moisturizing . Its application is quite easy and can be done with your own fingers.


Concealer Cream: brush application and high coverage

Cream concealer has a smoother texture compared to stick concealer, but more solid compared to liquid. It has a high coverage, and is recommended for heavier makeup that requires greater coverage. For a more effective result, it is recommended to use it with a brush.


Check the coverage offered by the manufacturer

Even among products with the same texture, concealer coverage can vary by brand and formulation. Therefore, it is always important to consult the manufacturer’s instructions to confirm that the chosen product offers the coverage you need.

For a more natural make-up and for day-to-day use, prefer concealers with a light coverage, since they do not overload the skin and ensure a more natural effect. Strong brows and apparent bruises require medium coverage , and heavy makeup that needs to be long-lasting, a high-coverage concealer.


Choose the color according to your needs

A question that many people may have when buying the ideal concealer is about the color of the product. Today it is possible to find products for different skin tones, as well as products for yellow, green, purple and salmon. Find out how to choose the right color for you.


Skin tone correctors: to even out natural color and cover blemishes

Skin tone correctors work to cover blemishes, marks and fine lines . As if that were not enough, being the color of your skin, they leave your entire tone uniform. A question that many people have is to buy a tone that is lighter or darker than their skin.

To answer this question, remember that the function of the concealer is to cover the imperfections of the skin and even out the tone. Therefore, always prefer to buy the concealer that is closest to your skin tone . When buying the product and choosing the ideal shade, many people do the color test on the back of their hand.

The skin tone of the hand can be different from that of the face, so it is important that you carry out the color test on your own face. This way you will choose the color with more precision!


Correctors with color: to neutralize deep spots and dark circles

Tinted concealers are very useful for hiding color spots and specific dark circles. The purple concealer , for example, is ideal for hiding those deep dark circles, usually genetic, with brown tones . It also neutralizes other spots of this coloration, such as freckles.

The yellow concealer neutralizes purple dark circles, caused by the accumulation of hemoglobin, as well as purple marks, such as small bruises. The salmon concealer is ideal for blue or gray circles under the eyes, caused by stress and fatigue. It is also good for gray spots on dark skin.

Green concealer is makeup’s best friend for acne-prone skin, which has red spots caused by pimples. Pink stains are also perfectly neutralized. The application is the same as that of beige concealers: on dark circles or dark circles, under foundation and compact powder. Very easy!

To cover different shades of blemishes and even out skin, invest in a palette Unlike unit packs, which only offer one color option, concealer palettes offer more than one color in the pack. They usually come with a combination of skin tone concealers and tinted concealers.

This type of packaging is interesting for those who want to have more color options or for those who have different colored spots on their skin. In this way, you can neutralize your skin tone and hide dark circles and blemishes without having to carry several different packs in your makeup bag.


For drier skin choose a matte finish.

Another important factor when choosing your concealer is knowing what finish the product offers. Concealers usually have a natural or matte finish. For those with oily skin looking for a drier touch, matte concealers are a great option.

For a natural effect, with that little to no makeup look, natural finish concealers give a slight radiance, and are also perfect for those with dry skin. One tip is to match the finish of your concealer with that of your foundation to achieve a uniform effect.


To treat the skin, opt for moisturizing concealers

Many concealers are formulated with moisturizing ingredients that, in addition to doing their job of evening out the skin and concealing blemishes, also treat the skin. Consider one if you have drier skin and need to boost hydration for dark circles , for example.



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