Tips To Keep Your Feet Healthy

Tips To Maintain Your Feet Healthy

It might seem funny at first, but you must understand that your feet are one of the most important parts of your body. But no matter how much you try to keep your feet healthy, there’s no better time than now to learn a new skill. All the beautiful things that come with winter days will actually come in handy when you stand, walk, stretch or even enjoy a good pair of boots. Here are some tips to help your feet stay healthy.


1. Exercise Your Knees

Your knees do a lot of things. They function as a cushion when you’re standing. But today’s wintry temperatures can leave your feet cold because of all the sitting. You also put yourself at risk for stress fractures when you sit for long periods. So, to make sure that you’re standing up the whole time, you must do stretches. These exercises help you stay upright and keep your back feeling tight and well supported. To start, you need to find a comfortable chair. When you’re lying down, find a wide space that’s above your shoulders. Start with movements like:

  • The leaf: Push your right knee down, hold your right leg up on the stool, and lift the left leg. Pull the other leg off the stool, to ensure that you’re always horizontal.
  • The hill: Shake your legs, bend your back, and lean forward.
  • Twist: Unfold your left arm a little. Keep your elbows bent until your arms reach 90 degrees each.
  • Stay on the left side of the room and sit straight.
  • Walk on your right side when you’re sitting and your left arm is bent.
  • Walk on your left side when you’re standing and your right arm is bent.
  • Stretch your legs out over the rocking chair if you need to rest your right knee on the chair, or sit up and walk.


2. Exercise Your Stomach

As fun as it is to stand and move your body on the floor, it may be necessary to move your body and legs somewhere else. The same can be said for sitting. If you’re sitting comfortably all day, your feet are cold because your body is so used to being on the floor. Apart from stretching your feet, you must try to stretch your stomach. This practice helps you maintain the right balance between sitting and standing. Use different exercises to stretch your stomach every day. Be sure to tell your doctor your exercise routines.


3. Water Your Feet

When you’re walking, you likely don’t realize how much water your feet need. But yes, these feet are cold in winter! The best way to keep your feet as healthy as possible is to drink a lot of water! According to the Mayo Clinic, people who exercise for 20 minutes straight, they will lose 1.1 pounds an hour. For most of us, this advice will sound very practical, but if you’re really broke, you can’t afford to buy this type of water. So, you’ll have to do it yourself. Try to fill your water bottle to the brim with water and try to walk to the water fountain. If your water runs cold, fill your water bottle with ice. To finish up your water therapy, take a few sips of warm water to keep you hydrated.


4. Lunch Break

Go ahead and have a healthy lunch! An ample amount of calories and minerals help your body remain at its prime. For the most part, your body’s nutrition shows this directly on your face. Plus, you’ll get more exercise from exercise itself. As already discussed, exercising your knees also helps keep your back tight and well supported.

By keeping yourself out of the sun, you can keep your body healthy. Use the same procedure above and you’ll no longer be standing on your own. It won’t be that hard. But if you feel like going home and sitting on your sofa, just stretch your legs a little bit. If it’s cold, go for a walk at least once an hour. Find a comfortable chair where you’re sitting. Remember that your health is even more important than your appearance.



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