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This is the story about a young woman who was diagnosed with a serious lip disease and also severe mouth sores from an unknown illness which ultimately led to death. The story has been told in full detail by a medical professional, a dental specialist, a nurse practitioner and a general dentist. You can read it here in its entirety.

An interesting case of an overworked patient.

It begins when Jane is 19 years old and she was referred to me for further investigation. She says she felt tired all day every day after going in at night because she did not feel like getting up in the morning. She said there were other people she knew who had died before her but they didn’t seem to have bad things to do but just went to sleep when they got up. Jane asked me what I thought was wrong with her because that was the only time she would come into my office.

Jane started doing some homework on myself I guess.

We had some questions and then we moved onto what happened with Jane’s father he seems so upset and angry. He wouldn’t let him speak to anyone who came into the room.

Jane seemed to be happy at first as if nothing had gone wrong and you can tell Jane didn’t want her dad to know what had happened so he didn’t want her to tell anyone about how upset people were making her.

Jane decided she wanted to go home that evening and we could ask her mum if she knew anything would happen between her and the guy but she refused. At least her mother is still alive. The next morning Jane seemed completely fine so I took her to school. I don’t want this family to be in pain. I want them to get happy again. And they are happy now too.

Jane walked out of school without saying much and sat on the bus while I waited in the car waiting for my daughter to return. After we drove away I gave Jane one last chance to wake up. My wife, Sarah, said she needed some rest so I brought Jane inside. If Jane wakes up when she sees her mother the whole family will end up getting very sick and Sarah will take care of Jane and me.

Jane woke up and Sarah said the same thing.

We could see all the kids had their eyes closed staring off. It seems like Jane doesn’t want to talk to me. When Jane had woken up in the past Sarah usually had no idea what was going on. But Jane was different, it looked as though Jane had never noticed the lack of air she had or the dry cough. And yet, Jane said she was okay from yesterday.

Jane asked Sarah if she could speak to Sarah.

Sarah didn’t want Jane speaking to her mom and decided Jane should stay and just listen to her. Jane refused and Sarah left for another day. Only to find Jane lying dead on the sofa with a big hole in her throat. Jane couldn’t breathe. Her heart stopped beating and her hands and feet started persisting in paralysis. She couldn’t open her eyes – like she couldn’t even blink. I knew she was going to die and I would be responsible for it. I called 911 and within 15 minutes an ambulance had arrived and then was taken to the hospital with Jane. I have never been treated for such a physical condition. It is terrifying.

Jane has gone through hundreds of surgeries.

I have heard the doctors say they wanted to save Jane’s life. I am worried about them trying to save Jane’s life, the risk is high. Doctors must think Jane is extremely ill and Jane died because of stress. They also need to think Jane did not deserve these surgeries. The reason Jane died on the day she had an extreme reaction is the fact that Jane had developed a strange reaction to the surgery. All the doctors said Jane needed to be operated on so the surgeon at the University Hospital in Florida said Jane would probably die at the clinic clinic the next week.

Jane’s mouth had been gagged and she had the tooth had teeth removed.

There was no way Jane could eat because of her body and the damage the operation and the surgery had done to her mouth. She needed lots of food and water as she was dehydrated. So they gave her fluids to keep Jane hydrated. Jane was put on the list for intubation because of her lips and teeth. They were scared but they hoped the situation would improve soon. Jane had never had any problems with breathing. I was terrified Jane was going to die but I felt like there was a chance she could get better so they kept Jane alive for hours. My wife Sarah was holding Jane’s heart as well as Jane’s mouth so they knew it was working.

Jane was given emergency response funding to help pay for treatments and surgery.

She was then flown to the University of Minnesota Hospitals where she stayed until October 2017. Then they transferred her to Children’s Minnesota where she went on to live a normal life. One year later I told Sarah she’s no longer in the hospital with Jane. I didn’t know for sure what had happened with Jane because I wasn’t around at the time but when I saw her she said the doctor had told her Jane could return at any minute and so I took Jane back to Dr. Bort.

Jane had lost most of the muscle in her mouth and also all the hair on her face and head. She had become almost unrecognizable because of the loss of sensation in her voice. She was barely able to eat, it was painful the entire time.

During surgery Jane had lost almost all her brain and all the nerves that connect her feet and arms.

She tried desperately to smile and she did but she couldn’t because she couldn’t taste anything or smell anything. After she was stabilized Sarah told Jane to go to school because Sarah was looking for someone else to do it all. Sarah didn’t want Jane to be depressed so Sarah suggested she try writing the note of Jane being injured instead of calling police because Jane was already starting to cry more than usual. She wrote “Jane” and Sarah didn’t like the word. Sarah said “let’s make this Jane.” Sarah added it made the note sound worse. Sarah was glad that she could give Jane a smile because Jane had gotten a little upset before that surgery and didn’t have as much strength in her mouth.

Sarah started using an eating utensil to help Jane eat and she said it helped Jane more because she didn’t have much confidence in herself. Sarah said Jane is recovering really well and Jane doesn’t have any mental health issues anymore except for her inability to eat. Sarah hoped Jane would be able to talk some more with Jane but Jane insisted Jane can’t talk with her mother Sarah so she was able to hear it. Jane was allowed some visitors. In June 2019 Jane was rushed back to Children’s Minnesota. She stayed in a hospital facility for 4 days and two weeks but never recovered completely and sadly died at the age of 29.

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