How to Choose the Best Hydrolyzed Collagen

How to Choose the Best Hydrolyzed Collagen

The use of collagen is increasingly recommended, especially if you are concerned about flaccidity and expression lines, or even joint health. With aging, our body decreases the production of this important protein, so its supplementation can be very effective. The important thing is to understand your objectives and needs, and for this, we will guide you how to choose the best hydrolyzed collagen.


What is Hydrolyzed Collagen used for?

Collagen is a protein produced by our body that is responsible for the formation and support of skin, tissues, and bones . In youth, the body produces it sufficiently, but with aging, this production decreases. With this, wrinkles appear, flaccidity and cellulite become more evident.

Therefore, collagen supplementation is indicated from the age of 25, as prevention of the negative results that its lack implies. The collagen present in the body has been classified into “type 1” and “type 2”. The first is associated with the firmness and elasticity of the skin and “type 2” with collagen found in cartilage and joints.

In this article we will talk about hydrolyzed collagen, which consists of the breakdown of “type 1” collagen proteins, of animal origin, through a process of thermal hydrolysis. It is indicated for aesthetic purposes, as it improves skin elasticity, reduces flaccidity and helps reduce wrinkles and cellulite, as well as fortifying nails and hair.

In addition, although not specifically, “type 1” collagen also contributes to improving joint health , since, when using the supplement, the body will distribute it and replace it where it is most lacking. There are many benefits, right? So don’t waste time! Check our advice and buy yours soon.

If its consumption is done early, before the visible signs of aging appear, it is observed that collagen will help the elasticity of the skin, hair and nails in the future. And in people who have a great deficiency, its supplementation already shows results in just months.


How to choose the Best Hydrolyzed Collagen

To make a safe choice, it is important that you clearly know what your objective is when using collagen, since its benefits are varied. Our step by step will help you understand the characteristics that surround this product, such as its components and forms of presentation.

Hydrolyzed collagen comes mainly in 2 forms: capsule and powder. The predominant difference is the concentration of collagen per serving, which is much higher in powdered options . Also, the powdered supplement is easier to consume, just mix it into the drinks and food of your choice.

The advantages of collagen in capsules is that it is cheaper and easier to transport. Therefore, if you have a busy life and you know that you will have to take your collagen with you to consume it in other places, such as work, opt for the capsule version.

Not to mention that the capsule versions can be divided , which makes it easier to adjust to your daily needs. Make your choice knowing that collagen supplementation is most effective if it is done continuously, so it must be adapted to your routine and your preferences.

Choose supplements composed of collagen peptides: their absorption is more effective
Some professionals claim that hydrolyzed collagen, when presented in the form of collagen peptides, can be better absorbed by our body. This is because peptides are the result of collagen proteins being broken down into smaller particles.

In this way, the body can absorb it more easily , replenishing the collagen lost naturally over the years. Manufacturers don’t always state the status of the molecule, but if it can be shown that the protein is presented as a peptide, the more certain you’ll have of its efficacy.

It is important to note that collagen supplementation does not present instant results and that the results will also be noticeable if you need it (because there is a deficiency) in the body. If you supplement unnecessarily, just for the sake of fashion, you may not see results. However, for people who like prevention, taking supplements daily can have great long-term benefits.

Check the amount of collagen per daily serving

The amount of collagen protein that must be inserted per day varies from person to person. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm through clinical analysis and talk to your nutritionist to find out if your body really needs this supplementation.

In general, it is estimated to use about 2 g, for aesthetic purposes, and at least 5 g of collagen, to contribute effectively to the strengthening of the joints. For the capsule options, the manufacturers recommendation is usually 4 capsules per day.

Already in the powder supplements, what is indicated by the brands is the intake of 10 to 15 g per day , to ensure the positive effects of collagen. Therefore, be sure to check this information to make a correct consumption of this important protein.

The daily ration of collagen is something totally out of the norm, since it is a natural supplement (protein) and there are no consequences of ingesting large doses (above 20 g, for example).

However, in the case of collagen, more is not more, but less, because if you go too far with the dose, excess consumption will cause the transformation of peptides into other proteins that your body needs and they do not become collagen, generating thus the loss of economic investment.

Hydrolyzed collagen can be found both to be consumed pure, and combined with other nutrients, such as vitamins. Products with Vitamins A and B have the function of contributing to the increase in the absorption of collagen by the body, in addition to acting on cell renewal.

Hydrolyzed collagen with vitamin C , for example, is great, because the vitamin intensifies the production of collagen and elastin , as well as being a very important antioxidant to ensure skin firmness. On the other hand, minerals such as zinc and selenium contribute to the health of the skin and hair.

But, in addition to the ingredients that positively add to the formula, you have to make sure if there are any added carbohydrates, sugars and dyes , especially in powdered supplements. This is because, in the long term, the continued use of these substances can be harmful to health.

Collagen formulas do not usually have carbohydrates associated with them, and even when they do, the amount is very small. It is worth investing in collagens with associations of vitamins and minerals, especially if it is vitamin C, for the reason mentioned above.

The results with the use of collagen are more effective when its consumption is carried out every day, continuously. Therefore, it is important to choose an option that fits your budget. To be sure of this, look at the volume of the product, the daily dose and its value; and so, you know the value per serving.

For example, if a container has 100 capsules and the recommended intake is 2 per day, it will give a total of 50 doses. Now, you just have to divide the value of the supplement by this number.

Also, you should know that the capsules with pure compositions and those combined with 1 or 2 nutrients are the most affordable , so they are ideal for those who want to maintain the use of collagen for a long period. However, the powdered options with vitamins and minerals are a great differentiator for the supplement. Think about it.



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