How to Choose Good Waterproof Mascara

How to Choose Good Waterproof Mascara

Beauty products are naturally associated with the fairer sex. Even if a new male trend is beginning to love these accessories to enhance the look and illuminate the face, the descendants of Eve remain the biggest consumers and readers of fashion blogs. Mascara is one of the must-haves in handbags and make-up kits. It exists in different forms, including “waterproof”, meaning by this anglicized term resistance to water. Via this buying guide to choose the best waterproof mascara, you will now be able to differentiate the good from the bad products and compare the prices.


  • Eyelashes and the duration of use

In a few words, mascara, also called eyelash shadow, is a necessary cosmetic product for makeup. It is used to lengthen, curl and color the eyelashes, thus making it easy to enhance the eyes. Consumers have two categories of products: normal and waterproof.

Before making any purchase, the person should ask themselves which product suits them to give volume to their eyelashes, lengthen them, curl them or to combine the three. Indeed, she will have the choice between volumizing mascaras for fine lashes, curling for straight ones and lengthening for short ones. The choice also goes through the color, know how to identify the one that goes perfectly with your eyes.


  • Type of Mascara

The objective of this price comparison is to wear a mascara that can withstand all kinds of bad weather during the day. This is precisely where the waterproof model comes in. It is very suitable for swimming, sports, party and many other kinds of use that put it to the test.

For those who rub their eyes regularly, it is highly recommended. Contrary to popular belief, this type of mascara does not damage the eyelashes. It only requires a good makeup remover and can take time to clean up. Despite these attributes, it is best not to use it every day and instead resort to a normal product.


  • Price

Where to buy a new waterproof mascara? Before you ask this question, know that when choosing this product, it is better to ask for advice to get a correct item. Prefer less aggressive models for the health of your eyelashes. Those based on castor oil and argan oil are the most recommended, close to natural. This product is generally enriched with collagen, allowing them to be kept intact. It is mainly lacquered and curved.

This type of mascara represents just under 20% of sales of beauty accessories in France, a figure that increases depending on the period. Unlike simple makeup remover, two-phase formulas are the most recommended for removing makeup. Depending on the brand and attributes of the item, you will have the choice of ultra flexible, nourishing, volume booster and a multitude of choices. Through this guide, you now know how to buy a waterproof mascara with better value for money. All you have to do is put on your Rosefield watch and get out.


How to use Waterproof Mascaras?

Waterproof mascaras are those that are resistant to water, rubbing or any external aggression. This object so loved by women, which gives them a deep and attractive look, has a plus, namely being resistant to all kinds of hazards. Now that you have the precious sesame of the revolver look, learn how to use it in the right way. Our advice below can help you.


  • Look at the label

As for any product to be applied to your body or your face, the examination of the famous label is in order to detect the ingredients potentially dangerous for you. Know that your eyelids and your eyes are four times more sensitive than the skin that covers the rest of your body. So, if you have allergies to certain items, be careful about the ingredients of the products you use.


  • Use it in the summer

The sun, the beach, the waves, the heat, the rose gold women’s watch… summer. It’s the season for vacations in the sun. This is also the perfect season for having “lazy” afternoons during which you bask under the coconut trees and sweat. It’s normal, it’s hot. But you also want to preserve your doe eyes even after your swims. At these times, your waterproof mascara is your best ally. So don’t forget it on your holidays and on your aquatic outings.


  • Apply it correctly

To give the best possible effect to your eyes, your eyelashes must be very thick. Luckily, waterproof mascara offers this result that can last all day. But first you have to apply it. How to do ? Whether your mascara is waterproof or not, the path to take is the same. Start by opening the bottle to take out the small cylindrical brush. Once this is done, place it at the base of your eyelashes on the eye side. Thereafter, go up towards the points by performing zigzags. It is important that your movement is precise to spread the color well over the entire length of the eyelashes.


  • Pay attention to storage

A mascara is a very fragile device. It is therefore important that you store it carefully, in a very dry place to maintain its durability. In this context, avoid putting it near any heat source at the risk of melting it. Also, make sure it is always accessible for your make-up sessions.


  • Don’t forget about make-up removal

Make-up removal is a daily ritual not to be skipped before going to bed. It allows the skin to breathe again. Your eyelashes are also entitled to this pleasure, however since you used a mascara that resisted water, your make-up remover will not be able to get rid of it easily either. To remove it, take a cotton ball and soak it in two-phase makeup remover. Once done, keep your eyelashes inside the cotton for a few seconds. This will dissolve the mascara. Then wipe your eyelashes gently.


The Most Popular Brands

Waterproof mascaras allow you to preserve your lashes well curved despite the humidity of time or your skin. Unfortunately, not all brands offer the same result. Others still end up sinking. To avoid falling into their trap, be sure to choose the brands offering products in the field. We have grouped them in the lines below.

You know this French brand well. Moreover, it is one of the most famous brands in the world. And for good reason, it has been able to inspire women around the world to become the very embodiment of beauty through the use of its various cosmetic products.

You have those to bring shine, color and flexibility to your hair, those to maintain your skin, but also and above all, those to highlight your features. All this has been implemented, monitored and tested by several experts in order to offer you the best of each product. According to L’Oréal Paris, you deserve all these efforts. This thought is expressed in the brand’s well-known slogan.

The Maybelline brand is an American brand specializing in the design and marketing of cosmetic products for women. Various beauty accessories have been developed by the brand in order to offer you the perfect shapes and colors for your lips, for your eyes, but above all for your complexion. In particular, you have powders and eyeshadows that bring you color.

But there are also cosmetics that add volume to your eyelashes. Concretely, Maybelline offers you a stimulating serum which thickens your eyelashes after a few weeks of use. And there is also the waterproof mascara which immediately gives them volume throughout the day.

The Bourjois brand has existed for more than 150 years. In its early days, it made a name for itself thanks to its oily makeup bars with surprising names to say the least. Some called themselves Lovers, others Jealous. All products created by the founder for theatrical characters. This fun marketing technique turned out to be effective because it worked with actors.

Soon after, the product lines expanded and its clientele surpassed that of the theatrical world. Indeed, Bourjois produced powders, musical beauty boxes and avant-garde make-up kits. These contained lipstick, powder and a bottle of kohl for the eyes.

From his full name Maksymilian Faktorowicz, the founder with talents as a makeup artist and also a genius in cosmetology. He invented the first greasy makeup in 1914. It was the first cosmetic product used on television. Then came the lip balms which were already waterproof, the powders or even the foundations.

These products mentioned were all the creation of the Max Factor brand before being developed by the other brands. But the house was not satisfied with these successes, because other products were still the subject of research. This is particularly the case of the first models of mascaras offering a false eyelash effect to your eyes.



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