How to Choose a Good Wax Warmer

How to Choose a Good Wax Warmer

The hair removal stage is preceded by heating the wax. The device that allows this operation should be chosen carefully if you want to have a good result. Most of the models offered on the market have their particularity. However, in order to choose the best wax warmer here are some characteristics you need to check such as its type, the temperature offered and the accessories.


  • Type of Wax

Waxing is one of the most common beauty rituals in our times. It is appreciated by its users for the durability of the result it provides. Formerly accessible only in institute, for a good while this method is applicable at home. Nevertheless, to be sure of its effectiveness and to be able to take out your dresses and leather moccasins, you must start by having a good wax heater.

How to buy a better value wax warmer? It is to answer this question that we are going to give you advice on the type of this device to choose according to your needs. This material can belong to the category of roll-on, electric type and duo model. The first is suitable for users who want to epilate in a simple way. It keeps the same temperature throughout hair removal.

The second type often gives you the choice to adjust the temperature to suit your needs when it comes with an adjustable thermostat. It allows you to know the wax that remains in its tank when you have finished using it. This can be reused next time. As for the duo model, it offers a mixed device that combines the roll-on and an electric wax heater. Depending on the part of the body treated, you can choose between the two systems.


  • Temperature

Temperature is one of the parameters that determine the choice of this product. It gives an idea of ​​the effectiveness of the chosen model and its adaptability to the needs of each user, which may be different from one individual to another. Reason why, we are going to talk about this feature in this buying guide for the best wax heaters.

The ideal is to have an adjustable thermostat regardless of the model chosen. This component ensures that you have the temperature that suits you depending on the area to be waxed. In addition, the possibility of making this adjustment is a guarantee of safety by avoiding the risk of burning your skin. In addition, you should check that the heating time of the article for which you are going to opt is reduced. It is preferable that it varies between 15 to 30 minutes only.


  • The accessories

Where to buy a new wax heater? This is an issue that you cannot overlook when purchasing this product. However, before dealing with it, you should also find out about the accessories that come with the model of your choice. By consulting a price comparator, the cost of an item may be different from another by considering this characteristic.

For a user who is new to waxing, it is best to opt for a complete kit that includes a heater, spatulas, strips and oil. The spatulas spread the wax, the strips are used to remove it, and the oil helps soothe the skin after waxing. In the case of those who are experienced in the use of this product, they may already have one or the other of these accessories at home.


How to use a Wax Heater?

Next to the painless epilator, hot wax is a relatively radical solution to get rid of unwanted hair. You should find out about the characteristics of the accessories for performing hot waxing before choosing a kit. Here we give you some practical advice.


  • Never expose yourself to the sun after waxing

Be careful not to burn yourself while waxing. Avoid the tanning session after the latter. Exposure to the sun makes the skin vulnerable to redness, allergies and pigment spots. Indeed, this increases the risk of burning inflicted on the parts of the skin which have just been depilated.


  • Always use lukewarm water for hair removal

You should already consider the right temperature when applying the wax. Always test the heat of it before use. Hot wax hair removal remains the best alternative for clear and soft skin.


  • Choosing a good hot wax hair removal

For successful hair removal, when purchasing the product, consider 3 characteristics, namely: the way of heating the wax, the extent of the area to be depilated and above all the types of wax to be used.


  • Heat the wax

You must ensure that the wax is at the correct temperature and texture before applying the wax. To be sure, you just have to tap it on the spatula and also see the consistency of it by letting it flow. All these points must be respected for successful waxing.


  • Define the area to be waxed

Hot wax is perfect for waxing armpits, legs and bikini area. For the face, warm wax is the most suitable. Unless you have mastered the technique perfectly, you should consider having your hair removed at a salon. Letting beauticians take care of you will be better to reduce the risk of burns.


  • Recognize the types of wax

Currently, brands offer different kinds of hot wax. In reality, it is the capacity that evolves to adapt to consumer expectations and make it easier for you to use it at home. You will therefore find the pot of resin or the roll-on. There are waxes that tear themselves off when dry, but you can also opt for strips of non-woven fabric.


  • Apply the wax

Hot wax is a molten resin that traps hairs, whether short, fine, long or thick, and pulls them out at the root. Apply it to the skin using a wooden spatula or a roll-on which pours a dose of wax continuously. Then let the skin cool before ironing a little wax to perfect the result.


  • Pull out the wax in the same direction of hair growth

If you pull the wax against the direction of hair growth, hair removal will be effective, but hair growth will be hindered. It is best to wax by pulling in the direction of the hair even if this requires several applications.


  • Using waxing products

The Rio 1-CA-CW Ax2 is a device that allows you to perform effective and painless hot wax hair removal. It is supplied with 400 g of soft wax and 3 times 67 g of hard wax, wax that applies and removes in no time.


The Most Popular Brands

Many of us associate our well-being with our physical appearance. And yet, some procedures like waxing can be a particularly difficult and painful step. Fortunately, some brands of hair removal devices claim to be able to reduce this pain, due to the reliability and quality of their products. Below is the list of the most recommended brands in the area.

We no longer present the Veet brand, which has made itself known mainly thanks to its advertising campaigns. And this, since its creation in the United Kingdom in the years 1922. Precisely, it is a company which has arguments to sell and which quickly positioned itself as being a reference of quality in hair removal products.

Buyers are all the more unanimous on the fact that the design of each of their models has been well thought out to be ergonomic, and their price to be accessible to all. Among its most popular models are the Veet Spawax, which is distinguished by the absence of strips, which gives it great practicality during use.

Plastimea Pro+ is a brand intended for the general public wishing to take charge of the aesthetic point of view. To do this, it offers a variety of products including relatively practical beauty accessories that are very easy to use. In the case of hair removal devices in particular, the factory promises a healthy and perfectly reliable use to reassure its customers.

It even engages in the production of kits so that buyers do not miss anything. This ranges from post-depilation oil to the wax itself. The wax produced by Plastimea Pro+ can also be applied to all skin types, even the most sensitive. And the icing on the cake, its products are aimed at both men and women.

The Epilwax brand receives nothing but compliments from its users. And for good reason, because it is indeed a factory that prioritizes the quality of its products and respects all the standards required in its production. Its products meet the needs of many types of consumers, even the most demanding. But the greatest asset of the factory lies mainly in the versatility it attributes to its models.

As an example, we find its Complete Hot Wax Hair Removal Kit which is equipped with an Italian-made wax heater, a bottle of oil to be applied after hair removal, a jar and two stainless steel spatulas with wooden handles. In other words, everything you will need for a successful hair removal session.

Purenail fits into this ranking insofar as it is a brand that is increasingly establishing itself on the market. Indeed, it has a very extensive catalog in the field of hair removal, whether it is devices, waxes and strips that you can buy individually or as a kit. The main argument used by Purenail is that it offers the best value for money on the models offered while ensuring an efficient after-sales service. And for the happiness of all, know that the sign does not hesitate to diversify its offers in order to meet several needs.

Look concept is a brand that focuses on the design, development and manufacture of depilatory waxes and massage oils. With 20 years of experience, its research laboratory is dedicated to developing new formulas every day to satisfy the global market. And in order to seduce the hearts of several types of consumers, the brand offers models of complete hair removal kits that pride themselves on their practicality and ease of use. Eventually, it also leaves you the choice of purchasing the accessories separately at unbeatable prices.



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