How To Choose A Good Jewelry Box

How to Choose A Good Jewelry Box

Presenting itself in most of the time under the design of a pretty box, the jewelry box can be declined under several models. And it is for this reason that we are most often lost when we want to buy. In this buying guide to choose the best jewelry boxes, you’ll find the essential features to consider.


  • The closing system

In most cases, it happens that we want to secure our jewelry as much as possible, so we lean towards jewelry boxes. However, you should know that these can be removed in one go if a theft or burglary occurs. As you will have understood, the jewelry box is therefore not really the best way to secure your gold smithery, unless you then place it in a safe or in the bank.

However, it is still important to focus on the closing system of the box, especially if you have young children who risk playing with your belongings and then losing them. Fortunately, you can quite meet models that will give you the possibility of protecting your jewelry thanks to their closing system. At the same time, some models have triggers that will secure your most curious belongings.

This is therefore an essential parameter to find the best jewelry box. Otherwise, if your priority is above all to protect your jewelry from dust, a box without a closing system could just as well suit you. Especially since with this type of article, you will not waste a lot of time storing your items or taking them out if you are in a hurry.


  • Design

Although we are not able to tell you where to buy the best jewelry box, we would still like to remind you that the design of such an accessory plays a large part in your quest. Indeed, there is no point in rushing to the cheapest model or choosing the best brand of jewelry boxes on a whim, because you could be very disappointed.

A well-thought-out purchase will lead you to the product that will be the most efficient in your eyes. Thus, as you can very well use your box as a decorative object in its own right for your room, you must be meticulous about the aesthetics of the model.

For example, if you are looking for an item that can bring elegance, we recommend that you turn to metal models, which in addition to being timeless, remain a safe bet. Otherwise, for a natural and sober look, a wooden jewelry box remains a very good compromise.

You will also find boxes on the market that have a more Victorian design, with scrolling beads or decorations. Either way, you don’t have to worry about not finding a shoe that suits you, because there’s something for everyone.


  • Your types of jewelry

Long before wondering how to choose the best jewelry boxes of 2023, we advise you to take an inventory of your jewelry to have some idea of ​​the item that will meet your real needs. Indeed, as we do not always have the same jewels at home, we cannot always trust the simple statements of other users.

So, start by seeing what types of jewelry you own the most, is it rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings? Depending on what you have in greater number, you will know which jewelry box to choose. If you have more collars than buckles, your choice could be more oriented towards vertical models which will offer you the possibility of hanging your belongings.

In addition, if you are listing more bracelets, we recommend models that have large drawers that will be able to contain all your silverware. But of course, you should not forget to go through a price comparison that will allow you to find how to buy a jewelry box with better value for money.


How to use a Jewelry Box?

To be able to take advantage of your jewelry box, you need to know how to use it. Of course, when we talk about the use of this kind of device, we will mainly talk about how to get the most out of the accessory via well thought out storage. Yes, even if you have a large box, if you do not store your jewelry, you will not be able to appreciate your purchase. Here are some tips to optimize its use.


  • Store according to the compartments

For the small compartments, you can install your earrings or even your hair clips. If the model you have chosen has hooks or folding systems, be aware that they are mainly used to hang your necklaces. The drawers can also be a great help for storing your bracelets or watches. Of course, you will still be able to customize and change locations from time to time, although this is not entirely recommended as you might get lost.

  • Arrange by color

And for more visibility, why not store your jewelry according to its colors? Indeed, it might seem absurd, but in most cases, it is difficult to find certain adornments and precisely, organizing them by color could allow you to better identify this or that jewel.


  • Sort jewelry by what you wear the most

If you are a big collector, it is clear that even with a large enough box, you may find it difficult to store everything. You may therefore be tempted to purchase an additional box. If this is the case, we advise you to collect in one box all the adornments that you wear the most and in another, those that you only wear occasionally. If, on the one hand, you have only one box on you, the principle remains the same, think about making accessible the jewels that you like most often.


  • Caring for your jewelry box

Like everything, a jewelry box needs more or less regular maintenance, because you probably don’t want dust to settle inside. However, this varies according to the model and especially according to the material of your box. For leather coverings, for example, you can dust them as much as you want and you can even consider applying a little oil to give it more shine.

For the velvet interiors, you will have to avoid cleaning them with water and prefer a dry cleaning with the help of a talc that you will spread on the fabric and that you will let rest before applying a blow. ‘vacuum. Finally, if the chosen model has a mirror, remember to clean it from time to time with a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth soaked in alcohol, ammonia or white vinegar.



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