How to Choose a Good Curler Straightener

How to Choose a Good Curler Straightener

A curling straightener is one of the essentials for a woman who has hair that is difficult to tame, while it is also important to change your hairstyle from time to time. For this, the solution is to buy a specialized device by following the buying guide to choose the best curler straightener.


  • The quality of styling

Where to buy a new curling straightener? Before dissecting this question, it is important to know its characteristics to ensure good styling quality. Thus, to choose your styling device, it is essential that it can present a good quality-price ratio. For this, the curling straightener would have to correspond perfectly to the expectations of its user. When making a purchase of this type, the selection criteria relate to its ability to provide a satisfactory result thanks to the width of its blades or even the diffusion of the heat required for the realization of the hairstyle.

In addition to this, it is also important to consider the coating of the plate of the curling iron to avoid damaging its hair fiber. Thus, it is essential that these blades and the device itself are made of ceramic, a material that can only beautify the hair due to its ability to protect the hair fiber, while promoting the quality of styling.

It should be noted that the technological evolution in the field of hairdressing has today been able to integrate tourmaline, a semi-precious stone, into the ceramic plate of the curler straightener. This gives more protection, shine and maintenance to the hair, thus making it possible to limit and even eliminate the restrictive effects of this type of device.


  • Usage tips

In order not to deteriorate the quality of your hair fiber, it is essential that you can consider the advice for use. Know then that it is imperative to dry your hair either in the open air or with a device intended for this function before curling it. Damp hair is therefore not suitable, since the intensity of the heat diffused for the realization of the curls could damage them.

It is also to know that the use of a curler straightener requires that you provide essential care for your hair so that it remains protected and healthy and does not undergo any aggression. All you have to do is remember to regularly nourish your hair by applying nourishing care to the entire hair, emphasizing the ends.


  • The revolution brought by the device

The world of beauty is changing, so you can refer to our price comparison to stay up to date on how to buy a curler straightener with better value for money. It is essential to consider the evolution of these devices and to carry out a comparison before taking out your wallet, so as not to regret a bad decision afterwards.

Note in particular that some models now have the “Wet and dry” function, a technique that allows styling and drying while taking advantage of this humidity to seal the hydration of the hair fiber. Also opt for an ionic iron to control the frizz and static electricity often present in the hair.


How to use a Curler Straightener?

A curling straightener as its name suggests allows you to both straighten and wave your hair as you see fit. It is also one of the essentials for a woman who has flyaways that are difficult to tame. Learn here how best to achieve a sublime hairstyle without going to great lengths.


  • Never straighten wet hair

Be aware that it is imperative to dry your hair preferably with a towel before curling it. Damp hair is at risk of being seriously affected given the intensity of the heat diffused not only for creating the curls, but also for drying.


  • Take care of your hair

The use of a curler straightener requires that you lavish essential care on your hair beforehand to protect it and avoid any aggression. All you have to do is regularly apply nourishing products to the entire hair, emphasizing the ends.


  • Adapt your straightener to the length of your hair

Whether you have medium-length or short hair, the straightener to use is not the same. Bet especially on the size of the plates. So, ladies, for boys, prefer straighteners with narrow plates. On the other hand, for the rest, opt for irons with classic plates (2.5 to 3 cm wide and 8 to 9 cm long) or wide (at least 4 cm wide and 10 cm long).


  • Choosing the right curling straightener for frizzy hair

To successfully straighten your frizzy hair, it is advisable to maintain the temperature of the device between 190 and 230°C. However, for first use, start with the lowest value and increase gradually. By doing this, you will know more exactly the temperature that suits your hair.


  • Do not make a mistake in the selection of a curler straightener for fine hair

Because fine hair is more sensitive than other types, it deserves a little more attention. Choose ceramic plates. This material protects your hair fibres, while promising you optimal results, and regulates excess heat so as not to cause breakage. Do not exceed 150 to 170°C.


  • Make curls with the device

After drying your hair, you roll it around your iron in a “U” shape: the slower your movements, the tighter curls you will get. If you have bought yourself a 2-in-1 multi-function iron with flat and curved plates, you will be able to straighten and curl your hair, at the same time for a more textured finish.


  • Curl short hair

Get a small diameter curler (2.5 cm) and section your hair. Then roll up small strands no longer than 5 cm long, without applying hairspray to them. Be careful not to wave your hair all the way to the tip, stopping about half an inch from there. Finally, spray and detangle your curls as desired.


  • Build curls with a simple brush

Make sure your hair is dry. Otherwise, by brushing them, you will tangle them and damage them. After dividing them into small sections, you need to wrap them around your brush, taking thin strands. Once you’re done, spray some hairspray on it, give your hair some volume by running your fingers through it and admire the result.


The Most Popular Brands

Depending on the occasion, you will want to straighten but sometimes curl your hair. Although the old devices did not allow it, today it is possible to achieve all this with a curler straightener. However, the quality of the models differs mainly according to the producing brands. To help you in your quest, we list below the largest popular factories in this category.

We recognize the Calor brand as being a French factory, present in almost all areas, but particularly in the world of small household appliances. Its fame was created by the manufacture of the first electric iron. A collection that will not be long in being enriched since the brand has also added fans, steam generators, or even toasters.

In addition, Calor also enters the world of beauty by offering various products, starting with hair dryers and passing through curling straighteners. The latter are particularly rich in assets and have won over a good number of followers on the market. Precisely, the models combine a rapid rise in temperature with high-level results. This is why the curling straighteners from Calor find their place both in the domestic and professional fields.

While delving into the curler straighteners market, it is inevitable to come across the Babyliss brand. This is a brand originally created by French hairdressers, but which has now been present internationally for 50 years. Among its flagship products, you can find models specially designed for hygiene, well-being and body care. It will therefore be easy for you to choose one of its models of hair dryers, epilators for men and women, clippers or even straighteners.

Babyliss also produces, to the delight of all women, high-performance curling straighteners. These models are mostly equipped with practical technologies to best facilitate hair beauty. In particular, depending on the model, you can benefit from a timer, a steam system, temperature levels and easy handling. But what will make the greatest asset of the products of this brand is the broad guarantee of reliability that accompanies them.

This brand has earned its fame for producing fully specialized items for hair beauty. What will set it apart from its competitors is that it further emphasizes the aesthetic and ergonomic side of its products. Better still, the majority of products were marketed at prices accessible to all budgets. In his collection, you will find straightening brushes, epilators and several types of curling irons.

In its range of curling straighteners, the brand promotes a typically European design accompanied by a guarantee of more than 3 years. The options with which its models are equipped are all the more varied to optimize comfort of use. Precisely, the majority of products are equipped with flexible plates with ceramic coating, a plate locking system or even rapid heating.

Philips is a jack-of-all-trades brand. It is found in household appliances, electronics, sound systems and even in the medical sector. Very versatile therefore, it is a brand that is no longer ignored by the public because of its great know-how.

Also established in the world of hair care, Philips innovates and offers several models of straighteners and curling irons. Although previously there were 2 different devices, the brand has combined the 2 functions in a single device: the curler straightener. The models offered in this category can integrate either steam or ionic technology, to adapt to different types of hair. The heating time is said to be fast on all models and the reliability is all the more present.



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