How to Choose a Disposable Razor for Women

How to Choose a Disposable Razor for Women

Smooth, soft and flawless skin requires care and maintenance. All women have understood this to such an extent that hair removal has become an unavoidable and essential beauty ritual for perfect skin. However, when you’re short on time, on vacation, or on the move, the disposable razor is a valuable ally in getting rid of unwanted hair. So here are the few key points to check to choose the best disposable razor for women that meets your needs.

The main characteristics to consider are the number of blades, the quality of the shaving head and the ease of handling. The blades are the elements that shave unwanted hair directly. It is important to ensure their quality so as not to cut, burn or irritate the skin. For the best quality shave, at least two blades are needed, but the more blades there are, the more precise the razor is and the smoother it shaves in one pass.

Also consider the actual quality of the blades in question. The disposable razor head can be fixed or pivoting. The second will be better able to follow the different curves of the area to be shaved for more comfort and time saving. Always in the concern of the comfort of use, make sure that the handle of the razor fits well in hand. Ideally, the latter should be non-slip and solid. The risk of cuts is significantly reduced.


How to use a Disposable Razor for Women?

The razor is the most popular way for ladies to get rid of hair. To meet the needs of customers, manufacturers are constantly renovating by offering devices capable of suitably marrying all body shapes. And yet, it is not enough to buy this kind of accessory to achieve proper hair removal, it is also important to know how to use it properly.


  • Prepare your skin

It is possible to shave as often as necessary, so there is not a certain length to reach to be able to perform hair removal. In any case, it is essential to moisten your skin before proceeding with this operation. In order to prepare your epidermis, exfoliate the day before to get rid of dead cells. This is a crucial step that guarantees a successful shave.


  • Familiarize yourself with the right shaving gestures

Before each session, moisten the area to be treated. For this, you can epilate directly in the shower or in the bath. Otherwise, use a washcloth soaked in water. Then pour a small amount of shaving foam into your hand, then apply this product from one part to another.

This will allow you to prevent the cream from drying out quickly. For rinsing the blade, use lukewarm water. Put the device perpendicular to your skin, then pass it against the direction of hair growth to reduce the risk of irritation.


  • Don’t forget the aftershave

When you’re done, rinse the entire area to remove any leftover suds. Once it’s done, dry it off and then use a moisturizer or after-shave lotion on the depilated part to soothe it and prevent the risk of irritation. Avoid going over the same area as often as possible to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs.


  • Adopt different techniques for different areas to be treated

To shave your legs optimally, make long strokes on large areas and short strokes on sensitive parts such as ankles or knees. As for the bikini area, which is very sensitive, generously apply cream, then shave in the direction of hair growth. As for the armpits, it is best to adopt a vertical movement, up and down, because the hair does not grow in the same way in this region.


  • Maintain the device

Even though it is a disposable razor, it is important to maintain it when you still plan to use it. To do this, wipe it after each depilation and avoid putting it in the shower. Opt instead for a dry location to prevent rust from forming.


  • Pay attention to the recommendations

As its name suggests, this kind of razor should be thrown in the trash after two or three uses. Avoid dry shaving, if you don’t have a hair removal product, use your shower gel or even your shampoo.


The Most Popular Brands

Knowing how to talk is the essence of a woman. But for this she needs necessary accessories. The disposable razor is one of the essentials of his daily life. Of course, it is important to choose it with discernment to be sure of having the expected result. And in order to get it, you have to look at the best brands of the moment. Please discover them by browsing the following paragraphs.

Belonging to the American group Energizer, Wilkinson is an English brand founded in 1772 by Henry Nock. In its early days, it was developing firearms. It was only several generations of managers later that the firm began to manufacture blades, but also bicycles, typewriters and sports and hunting equipment. It even specialized in the creation of automobiles and motorcycles.

This company now offers a wide range of disposable razors for women. Each model has two to four ultra-thin blades. Some have a lubricating pad with aloe vera or other products. There are also specimens with a pivoting or fixed head. The handles are made of plastic, some of which are covered with non-slip rubber.

An American company manufacturing hygiene articles, Gilette was created around 1901. Its first head office was a small office above a fish market in Boston, on Atlantic Avenue. At that time, the company’s only employee was William Nickerson. In 1903, she sold 168 blades and 51 razors. Once patented, these were manufactured under 123,648 blade designs and 90,884 razor designs.

Today, this brand has become one of the most important worldwide. Since women significantly outnumber men, disposable razors have been made especially for them. The most recent products all have a vegetable oil moisturizing strip, for a smooth shave. Some are even equipped with micro-slat protection, thus avoiding scratches.

A French company created in October 1945, BIC is known worldwide for its pens. Its head office is currently located in Clichy. It currently offers a wide selection of lighters, mobile phones, but also water sports accessories, such as windsurfing and surfing boards or even kayaks.

This company also stands out for the sale of razors. Disposable models for women are available in different designs. The two-blade specimens are a versatile type to be used on the most difficult to reach parts. It is possible to find articles with 3 or 4 blades. Some even have a vitamin gel strip or two for a smooth shave. And those with a pivoting head are ideal for sensitive spots.

Founded by Jacob Schick in 1962, this firm has been recognized since its inception for the sale of razors. It is a popular brand in Japan side and holds the second place as a global seller. Since 2015, it has belonged to the American group Edgewell Personal Care and continues to offer the same products.

Today, women’s disposable razors are the brand’s flagship items. Some specimens have 4 blades using Smooth Protect technology. This prevents abrasions and cuts. In addition, a vitamin or aloe-enriched strip is present on the majority to reduce irritation. Some cartridges are also designed with a compact design to allow you to reach the most difficult to reach parts. In addition, the sleeves are all coated with rubber for a comfortable fit.



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