The digital age and the industrial age


In the corporate age, people work in factories and make products like cars and airplanes, while in the digital age, people create artwork in the workplace and bring things like websites and apps. A big difference is that people can now easily create topics related to using laptops, smartphones, and the internet. Another difference is that the digital age is not just about making products like cars or planes, but also growing products like internet sites or apps.

The industrial age turned into a time when people had to create works of art in factories to make cars, planes, and tons of unique gadgets. The digital age is when people can create artwork in the workplace to create things like internet websites and apps.The main difference between these eras is that the industrial era became an era when physical devices were made by machines, while the digital era allowed all forms of digital creation, as well as internet sites and applications.

The digital age is defined by the rise of the Internet, spanning the period from around 1950 to the present. The digital age is characterized by the excessive use of laptop structures, software programs and the Internet to create, store and manage records. Another feature of it is the mass adoption of mobile devices, which can directly access the Internet and conduct transactions involving the purchase of goods or services.

Over time, this has led to an accelerated naming of digital products and services, leading to innovation and financial prosperity.The corporate era is a term used to explain a period of time in human information when production increases. The corporate era began around 1780 with the invention of the steam engine and the Industrial Revolution.

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The creation of factory-scale manufacturing has greatly facilitated the development of a global economic tool that can take advantage of mass production and further commercialization of resources. During this period, there has been a shift from joint ventures that manufacture items for themselves to large factories that manufacture items for export markets.The era of enterprise transformed into a period in which the region transitioned from an agricultural society to a corporate society.

During this period, instead of growing food and producing items for families, people began offering goods and services for sale. When the factory emits fumes and produces some waste, the upward thrust of the factory causes the pollution upward thrust.The corporate age also added new types of art including record keeping and bookkeeping. People are working longer hours, spending less time alone, and are at higher risk of accidents.

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