Digital Era Vs Industrial Era


Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to natural and social processes. Technology has been developing since the dawn of human existence. Through the ages, technology has played a major role in shaping civilization. Technology can be defined as the combo of artificial tools and natural knowledge. By applying science to our natural resources, we have created a tech-savvy society.

The earliest human civilizations had to rely on natural materials and skills for survival and advancement. Primitive tools were made of naturally available materials such as wood, bone, and stone. These tools helped early humans survive in harsh environments and perform daily tasks easier. Early humans also used naturally occurring energy sources to create power and motiontools. Animals provided power through movement— for example, a mule moves its rider using a spiral animal tooth called a spur . In this way, animals served as both transport and power sources for early humans. Applying science to our natural resources has made our lives much easier today!

Early humans used naturally available materials to make tools and structures too. For instance, flint was used as a tool for cutting animal bones thousands of years ago. Early humans also used plants as fuel for fire; these prehistoric cavemen must have been slow and lazy! They would sit around the fire all day without being burned or frozen away! Applying natural knowledge to work produced structures such as the Egyptian pyramid thousands of years ago.

Early humans made tools and structures by applying natural knowledge to the work too— this is how they progressed quickly! Early civilizations built sophisticated structures using simple tools such as animal bones or rocks that would hold up weights. Through trial and error, early humans created functional tools that facilitated their daily lives— this is how they gained ground in primitive times! Today, we still use natural materials when making technology such as using oil in our engines or trees for building materials. However, we now apply scientific knowledge when using natural materials such as when making screws with metal plates instead of stones!

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Technology has come a long way since ancient times when people depended on their natural skills alone . We now apply science to make life easier with technology such as computers, cell phones, space travel, etc.. We owe it to ourselves to improve our living standards with technology!

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