7 ways to use methi dana to lose weight faster

01/7How fenugreek seeds can help you lose weight!

It’s important to follow a holistically nourishing and nutrient-rich diet to stay fit and lose weight. There are also some excellent kitchen aids that can also boost weight loss. Fenugreek seeds is one of them.

Also known as methi dana locally, the tiny yellow seeds are packed with nutrition values and fat-loss aiding powers.

Fenugreek seeds have been used for centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal properties.

Containing a whole load of fibre, iron, Vitamin A and D, these tiny seeds can also facilitate weight loss when consumed in the right manner.

02/7Why is it excellent for weight loss?

Methi seeds contain a good amount of insoluble fibre, which is crucial for good digestion and helps get rid of toxins that may get accumulated. Secondly, as a superfood, it also helps control blood sugar levels in check and may even manage inflammation, which is both linked to weight gain and management. In the long run, fenugreek seeds also help improve metabolism and insulin resistance.

There’s yet another way it can help you tone up! According to experts, Galactomannan, a water-soluble heteropolysaccharide found in fenugreek seeds, aids weight loss by reducing fat accumulation. Therefore, its rich health benefits are reason enough for you to try them and consume them regularly.

If you wish to use them for your benefit, we tell you the best ways to consume them for weight loss

03/7Have fenugreek seeds water first thing in the morning

The most popular way to consume fenugreek seeds for weight loss is to have them first thing in the morning, mixed with water.

All you need to do is to soak a tablespoon of methi dana in room-temperature water overnight. Alternatively, you can boil the seeds in water, and drink it after straining it. It also works amazingly well as a detoxifying agent, which can clear your stomach in the morning and provide a fresh start. Plus, it’s a zero-calorie drink!

Note, you can choose to either chew the soaked seeds or filter them out, just having the water. It’s best to have it empty stomach. For better results, it can also be had twice a day.

04/7Fenugreek tea

Fenugreek tea is also a good option to have if you wish to have a low-calorie drink that keeps extra flab away! The best part about the drink is the addition of fat-cutting ingredients, which just double up the benefits and detoxify you instantly. All you need are a spoonful of methi dana, a piece of cinnamon stick and ginger for this.

Boil water on the saucepan (1.5 cups) and add the three ingredients. Simmer down and strain! Your drink will be ready in under 5 minutes and requires no sugar too!

 Both ginger and cinnamon are known to be weight loss aids since they help tame down inflammation and induce satiety in the body. Plus, they are both packed with vitamins and minerals good for the body

Have this refreshing, soothing tea 2-3 times a week for good results.

05/7Sprouted fenugreek seeds as a snack

Slightly unconventional, but you can also choose to chew down fenugreek seeds as a whole, by sprouting them.

According to studies, sprouting fenugreek seeds has been shown to improve the nutritional profile of the yellow seeds and also makes it easier to digest and absorb. This way, you also stand to take in more antioxidants which are super healthy for you. Sprouted seeds are better than soaked seeds and are more tolerable to the palate as well

To have them as a sprouted snack, simply place a handful of these speeds (or two spoonfuls) on a moist, covering it up with a big utensil. Let the seeds germinate for a couple of nights before consuming them. Though it’s preferable to have them empty stomach, you may also choose to consume them between meals.

06/7Fenugreek and honey paste

Another way to use fenugreek seeds for optimum weight loss is by combining it with honey.

Honey, as we know is an excellent natural immunity-booster and works to cut down inflammation from the body. The nutrient-dense and low-calorie profile also make it a better option to have than sugar. So, by combining the benefits of fenugreek and honey, you reap a lot of benefits at once!

All you need to do for this is to make a coarse paste of fenugreek seeds (by grinding a spoonful of fenugreek seeds in a mortar/ mixer). Once done, add a spoonful of honey to this and have it as is!

Alternatively, you can also boil the paste of fenugreek seeds in water. Once cooled down, add a spoon of honey and some lemon juice, and consume your fat-cutting drink like herbal tea!

07/7A word of caution

Though fenugreek seeds are full of nutrition and mighty helpful for weight loss, it’s important that you consume them in a moderated quantity.

Fenugreek seeds are considered to be hot in nature, therefore, stick to having a spoonful of it daily (2-3 grams would be enough). Consumption in excess could pose problems and disturb the digestion. So, be careful.

Again, while they may not help you in spot weight reduction, they can help control a lot many related factors which concern weight loss, when consumed regularly. Combine a good diet plan with regular exercise to see the best results.

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