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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  says there is a good news as it is still the case that cases of   are increasing. However, with the number of people who have died from being on the rise and hospitalizations on the increase, you may be wondering what’s causing all this rapid change in the virus? Well, one thing to keep in mind is the amount of testing currently taking place. While there are some reasons to why that number is going up, I want to touch upon how we can start beating back this virus. So let’s begin.

1. Give your body a break

One key thing that you should do to ensure that your immune system remains active is by taking regular breaks. A healthy immune system is able to fight off foreign bodies such as bacteria. When your cells get sick and die or become inactive they can not only help your body to heal but also help to clear away toxins. By giving your blood, bone marrow and other organs a break you will be helping your body to stay healthy. This way, your body will get the time and energy required to go out there and fight. You can either do it yourself or take supplements for better results. Some examples of these supplements are Vitamin C & D, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin B-12 And more. These supplements allow your body to do necessary tasks that would otherwise require daily activity. We want our systems working well. If something doesn’t work right, we want to know why so that we can make the best possible care of them. For example, if you are having trouble breathing, consider buying an air pump or similar. It will help make breathing easier. Another example is when you are not feeling your healthiest. Get tested and get treated. Getting medical attention now will boost your immune system and make you much healthier. Plus, if this isn’t enough, getting vaccinated and boosting it further is becoming an option. Let us hope, one day, you can finally reach herd immunity!

2. Keep Track Of Your Immunity Levels

All life is not just about fighting infections like flu and , we also have to be aware of our personal health. Regularly checking your immune levels is important because a healthy immune system helps to prevent certain illnesses. One good tool for keeping track of your immune levels is through use of T cells. Although not everyone gets infected with – antibodies can circulate which is why antibody tests are helpful. Testing also helps in monitoring the effectiveness of treatments for patients with . Other diseases can cause changes in the composition of antibodies as well. If you are dealing with an illness that causes changes in antibody levels then make sure that you check your immune status. Even if you do not feel fine during your days off, staying home and avoiding unnecessary contact is advisable as well. Healthy immunity levels can help you avoid serious diseases in the future. Keeping track of your immunity levels allows you to keep fighting through things like infections. Allowing your body to fight helps protect you from any form of infection from getting worse.

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3. Increase Your Physicality & Take Advantage Of Home Remedies

Our modern daily activities are leaving us tired and stressed. We are constantly moving around, whether we live far from each other or are very few hours apart. At first it seems like everything can help us relax. But as the day goes by, fatigue sets in and we begin to lose some of our physical attributes. To combat fatigue, we need to take walks. Walking is great for both mental and physical health. It helps us gain strength in all areas where we spend most of our time, including our arms, legs, eyes, ears and our skin. Since our muscles can only carry so much weight we cannot move too fast throughout the day since we are using our legs. Walking also helps to help relieve stress because we are walking while holding tension in our bodies. Walking can also be used to help reduce heart disease, anxiety and depression. Remember to practice mindfulness through mindfulness exercises like yoga and meditation. Meditation can help boost our mood by relaxing our minds. Yoga relieves stress and even improves heart health. Additionally, reducing alcohol consumption can be beneficial for our health. You can drink beer or wine or try tea instead. Reduce intake of juices or red meat and eat plenty of vegetables, grains and fruits. Avoid smoking, drinking caffeine and alcohol. Smoking can damage lungs, brain and more. Alcohol consumption can cause dehydration and sleepiness and can increase weight. Sleep is important when it comes to overall health. Make sure that you get enough sleep at night for rest. Exercise increases heart blood flow which can help fight heart disease and anxiety. Lastly, don’t forget to use essential oils. There is such a wide array of essential oil flavors online. Try one or many at their homes to find the ones that fit your needs best. Essential oils are available through retailers and retailers that sell herbal products. Nowadays, natural remedies are growing in popularity. Many people have attempted to remedy various ailments through herbs and crystals. As of right now, there is no research to support the claims that crystals can cure cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. With more and more people going natural, it gives me hope that we can end all of this stigma that surrounds crystals and remedies. Eventually we will overcome this stigma and we will see a lot of progress.

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4. Prevent Diseases From Being Out Of Reach

One reason why   is increasing is because we are doing things as safe as we can. We are social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands and following government precautions. Unfortunately, we do still need to wear masks. Why? Because even though hand sanitizer has proven a huge relief to society, it does nothing against the novel  Also, keeping a distance when talking is extremely important. Talking between adults, especially when the person has cough or cold symptoms or flu like symptoms is never recommended. Not only is it not good for the person’s health but it also makes you vulnerable to catching the virus. You can protect yourself and others by practicing this basic precaution. Taking safety measures like cleaning and social distancing in public spaces can go a long way in preventing infections from spreading especially when there are multiple people and gatherings involved. Just like other precautions, mask use should be mandatory. Not only to keep ourselves safe but also to save lives and reduce transmission of this virus. After all, saving people from getting infected and saving lives is the main goal of this pandemic.

5. Stop Labeling Yourself As An “Elderly” If Yes

One of the first measures for prevention are ensuring that we stop labeling victims as old. In recent months, you have come across individuals who have been infected via travel or quarantine. Most of them do not have underlying conditions such as diabetes or  and heart disease. They may not seem to be elderly at all. Maybe you are an older individual or maybe you are simply not aware of the symptoms of being exposed to  you are not yet old. Regardless, you should always take proper precautionary measures. Be diligent in cleaning yourself and your surroundings if you have Also, wear a face covering. Wearing a face cover is less risky than it might seem. The point is, masks were created keeping in mind that you are still an active individual. People who can easily spread the  and not wear a mask are not considered an “elderly” at all. Masks do not affect how old you are or what kind of age you are. The main concern is a mask protects you in stopping you from infecting others.

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6. Stay Safe During Offices

Many office spaces are open again only to employees who follow strict infection control protocols. Workers who violate health protocols put themselves at risk to infect other workers who then infect others. Do not visit the offices without adequate face coverings. Wear a cloth covering over your nose, mouth, ears, and eyes. Wash your hands often. You can also wear a face mask and a pair of gloves. Never leave anyone in another restroom to play a game like card games and dice. You will know how dangerous this practice is after you become infected. Do not play cards or dice indoors. Use a protective shield with a screen. Don’t talk without your mask on or inside someone else’s bathroom. Do not do loud conversations when visiting places like coffee shops and bars. Wash your hands regularly and maintain a constant state of cleanliness.

7. Have Proper Personal Hygiene Practices

We are living in a new world of hygiene and cleanliness. Many hospitals and other healthcare facilities have implemented cleaning guidelines and procedures in order to help prevent outbreaks and help us adhere to infection prevention procedures. Follow these guidelines and you will always be safer. Cover your nose and mouth with a nasal disinfectant. Wash your hands often and wash them if soap and water are not available. Always wash your face with soap and water. Remove all items from your pockets and never carry anything other than your wallet, keys, keys to your purse, credit card and keys to your phone.

8. Practice Social Distancing

Social distancing is one of the best ways to prevent infection spread. We are all familiar with face coverings, masks and gloves. All masks protect us from being infected by preventing people from seeing our faces. Through social distancing we continue to prevent the spread of the . It involves maintaining an average of 6 feet from other people. According to CDC, social distancing and wearing masks both protect you more than other things that we can prevent infection. We also need to remember that social distancing only works in the short term. Once this is done, we can return to normal activities and our daily routines.

9. Protect  From Infections Which Bring Deadliest Diseases


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