Medical and health information

Medical and health information


Medical and health information

Information about medical conditions, procedures and medicines. We also provide information on the latest developments in health management concepts and technologies. The main objective of this website is to provide free and easy access for individuals and companies to informational materials related to the personal life, work and economics.

For example, you may need help with insurance, education, taxation, career planning, medical benefits, pension plans, financial wellness management or just some basic understanding. You can find answers to such questions as:

What is a prescription?

Who should I see next?

How do I understand my healthcare information?

What is a doctor’s bill?

Who is responsible for my care?

How does it affect me personally?

Can I afford to get a home health aide?

Who does the government cover?

What is affordable long term care health insurance?

Who pays taxes for Medicare and Social Security?

Who pays tax on health insurance premiums?

How much is covered by private coverage?

How much is being spent on treatment of HIV/AIDS?

How is the government spending on healthcare?

How well are you looking after yourself?

What is the national budget for 2019-20? (2021 budget proposal)

Who pays for the Medicaid program? Who is responsible for its administration?

What funds will be used to support the Covid-19 vaccine campaign?

Who pays for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases? How is the money spent?

Who pays for the Medicare Program? By which agencies will you receive your payment? Will everything still be funded in coming years?

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Will all future costs of the pandemic be covered in 2021?

Who pays for cancer research?

How much tax dollars is being allocated for vaccination programs?

Who will pay the price for vaccines? What is being paid? Who will decide? Why?

How is the federal government paying down the debt?

Who will manage that debt? Are taxes going up or down? When will things change or stay the same?

Who will make sure everyone gets their share of the vaccine?

Will there be any more COVID patients being treated at hospitals? If so, when? Where will you check if anything has changed? Do we know that we have enough doctors? And what are new treatments available?

Who pays for the Department of Defense? When does a contractor start becoming responsible?

When is the ACA being changed?

Who pays health insurer premiums? Does anyone still get insured?

What types of insurance are being sold through these websites? Was there an increase to certain types of insurance? Is there a different plan now from before?

Is there any additional funding source for our current health system? When will coverage begin? What will happen with that in the next two years?

What is going to be done to improve the quality of healthcare in the U.S.?

Why do people still go to hospitals, especially healthcare facilities? What happened to telehealth? How do we fix our hospital system?

What is your view on how big data is coming into healthcare? For example, will we ever use big data tools to better diagnose health issues? Can we use Big Data to prevent diseases? To manage our finances

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Will healthcare providers become more accountable to consumers? Why? Could it impact how long patients keep them as they age?

Who handles data privacy for the company that owns it? Who will take responsibility?

Who will handle data security?

Do we have to worry about who will handle data breaches? Will consumers’ privacy be protected?

Will the government have access to personal data? Do we need it?

Who will handle security issues?

What kind of cybersecurity do companies invest in? Should we just turn to self-defense cybersecurity services? Or something else entirely?

How will the new technology impact us? How do we prepare ourselves? What type of cybersecurity will be required?

How are we preparing for it? When will it come to the consumer side of healthcare?

Is insurance going back towards pre-existing conditions? After COVID?

Is there a way to decrease the cost for a long term care facility?

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