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At the beginning of this year we have seen a boom in demand for our solutions at home, as consumers continue to spend on their health and wellness.

This has opened up new territories, bringing more opportunities and challenges than ever before. It’s why Livonia Associates is pleased to announce it has been awarded Healthcare Partnerships with Mi, Foot Healthcare. Livonia will take over its existing partnership structure which includes medical providers & clinics to form a strong foundation for expanding into digital health and consumer-centric services. We look forward to working together to bring even greater value to patients and healthcare professionals by providing advanced end-to-end care to all that needs an expert touch now or next year. Visit us at

The first stage of Livonia’s Digital Health Solutions is integrating Livonia’s core business processes and products across the hospital, clinic, home and personal care sectors, where it offers full service across clinical assessments & diagnostics, home delivery support & deliveries, online booking & appointment support, patient engagement /consulting, treatment management and prescribing support as well as remote monitoring and care. This allows clinicians and families access to clinically validated lab tests, prescription advice, medication support and home delivery services, including a seamless integrated pharmacy solution.

This integration helps build out Livonia’s platform in order to meet changing demands and future market developments, whilst developing enhanced user experiences for staff, patients and families. The company is looking to launch other vertical services for both the private and public sector. These include biometric screening of visitors by entry points such as doorways; mobile smart doorbells; wearable technology which can be used to detect changes in body temperature for example during activities such as exercise; and wearables in the home with the sensors needed and enabled through cloud storage to monitor heart rates and blood pressure.

The second phase involves offering a more intuitive self-service and online navigation system, allowing users to easily access high quality evidence based care and information. With more people becoming digitally empowered it means these services need to meet modern expectations, and are flexible enough to adapt to changing conditions and demands. More importantly, Livonia believes a fully integrated suite of digital health solutions can make patients happier and healthier — they become confident of themselves and their independence as individuals, and they will lead healthy lifestyles.

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Our international presence in Europe and Asia continues to grow, enabling us to offer customers what they need in one place. Our goal is to provide sustainable and innovative digital health solutions for everyone, making sure we do so safely. For those who are interested in further business development, please email us at [email protected]

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