Foot Health Center of Merrimack Valley

Foot Health Center of Merrimack Valley

The foot doctor at Foot Health Center of Merrimack Valley looks like this incredible man, but we can only see his beautiful feet. We never get to talk about his hands! He uses electric shock therapy on his shoes for an extended period of time and is definitely not as ‘human’ or even as gentle as they were made out to be. His hands are also very rough. The average age of the sole in their office is 63 years old. That is why I went looking for more information, you might read my article here how this company used medical students to come up with cheaper alternatives to replace our standard shoe.

There is no shame that some people think this shoe would look pretty good. In reality it is poorly made from scratch. It has several holes near the back and many places where there are not enough holes, like in the heel of the shoe to make proper support to the ankle. For example this shoe was developed by American Express, which makes me feel the kind of sad state of affairs that USA has been dealing with recently (I guess its getting worse). This shoe does not fit properly into most adults feet.

There are areas where they just do not fit properly too, like around the arch of the foot in the toes. People that use these shoes are always suffering from chronic pain. No amount of trying to buy them made us feel superior like before. You will notice that both of the following pairs of shoes are slightly different size. One pair of shoes I bought have 6 hole locations on their heels, while the second one have 7. They are both quite pricey, so maybe something could use tweaking a little. Also the first pair does NOT have padding either, while the 2nd pair does. So now we have two options to choose between, but I am going to give the first pair the edge, because I know it has padding.

There is nothing wrong with having padding on the soles, they are really great for children but it doesn’t help when adults with arthritis shoes are the ones out there who need it. Maybe if they have padding that’s what they need, like what Americans love doing now called “foot butter”? Since foot butter is basically giving your foot a nice thick layer of foam and then injecting it inside their foot. If padding for kids is anything to go around with… I digress.

The other thing I noticed to me is that they are charging way above price points for special shoes made for them, they have a long history making shoes made specifically for women over 30 and men over 65. These shoes cost thousands of dollars. Most of these shoes come with warranty and they are incredibly expensive. Their prices are outrageous.

I don’t believe you should pay that much for products that are meant for those with specific needs. When your foot doctor has you go through all sorts of medical tests to make sure you get what you need, then he should pay for his own shoes. Not a cheap shoe when the sole and materials are such horrible quality and terrible support.

The problem with footwear companies selling shoes at high prices is huge. They make lots of money from sales but you will never ever realize that the real profit comes from the people who actually have to suffer from poor support inside a shoe or shoes because of this type of treatment. Many families are struggling to make ends meet and they end up paying hundreds. Thousands of dollars for shoes that support only a few of their family members. Just because you bought your own shoes didn’t mean that your family was buying theirs. Your family may not be able to afford them.

You shouldn’t have to spend every penny you own just because a shoe company wants you to. To put it bluntly, they are working towards becoming a large corporation and I do not understand why anyone in America would want to become part of that. Why would anyone need to give away all the money they own just so someone can sell you shoes which are of deplorable quality?

If you are worried about purchasing from the Foot Doctor Company because you know they do not serve all Americans and all people need shoes, I want you to call 1-631-2215 and ask to go to any local Foot Doctor center. They are licensed and certified by the U.S. Government to make shoes. And if you still don’t get satisfaction from them, you should go somewhere else, like Foot Health Center of Massachusetts, Boston, MA, USA.



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