Eye Health Sonic Colored Wearing Glasses

Sonic Colored Wearing Glasses

You’re going to want to get your hands on laser-cut you-up stained glass acetate sunglasses from Sonic Colored Wearing Glasses, which not only let in light but gives you more room for error, so you’ll avoid a sore, sensitive eye. They also look better than you’d expect—they come in amazing bright colors and bold colors.

When the weather outside gets hot (and it always does when you’re a law-abiding citizen), the reality is that you need sunglasses that will give you more light throughout the day than your reflective movie glasses. Think polarized sunglasses, but don’t have white lenses.

You can fake anything with these incredible Supernova UV Glasses. The fused LED lenses are soft to the touch and don’t need a filter or cover, so no extra plastic filters or swappable cups, either. They won’t scratch your glasses or burn your eyes when you’re running out of sunshine. After a few days of wearing your sunglasses, just sit back, pull up your jacket, and you’ll be ready to hit the road to hit the local farmers’ market. Just be careful when running at night.

Though there are dozens of products you can buy to preserve your eyesight while you’re sleeping, you’ll have less luck with an artificial brightener. These products can be stressful, labor intensive, and expensive to obtain. You can, however, find a cheaper alternative that doesn’t aggravate your eyes that often.


Dedicated Eyeliner

The brightest eyes are in the morning, and this Dedicated Eyeliner has been designed to increase your eyes’ light, softens your skin and protects your whites from UV light (that comes from your living room light sources). The best part is that this full color lamp is unbelievably easy to use and dry.

It easily slides in and out of the palm of your hand. You can wear it during the day to ensure that you remain awake and alert (so you don’t go to bed and never come back), and in the night to keep your eyes from getting too light. This illuminating eyewear makes it easy to run out of time or early morning coffee, and you don’t have to worry about scraping your eyes when you don’t have enough sun in your, well, you know.


Harry & David CrystalClear Liquid Silver

Sure, your e-reader screen lets light in, but seeing your kids at 3:00am and not 5:00am can get a little jarring. At the end of the day, when you’re outside with a cup of joe and a bite of your cheeseburger, you’ll need more than just the light it offers to keep up. This Harry & David CrystalClear Liquid Silver delivers both light and UV protection, and it’s the perfect gift for someone who needs it, because while most affordable eye beautifying techniques are frustrating, this is not.


East West Convertible Sunglasses

These “Convertible Sunglasses” by East West Convertible Sunglasses are perfect for the individual with bright eyes, or those who only prefer having their hands in their mouths at night. They have a transparent lens, so you can wear them all day (and night—they even have an adjustable eye strap).

The two contacts that snap behind the glass add unobstructed light and night-time safety. Both features are available in neutral colors, so if you’re looking for a particular color or feel like upgrading your style you can go for a trendier or more moderate than other simple sunglasses options.


Crystal Clear UVA & UVB UV Sunglasses

They say that oxidation kills the vitamin D in your eyes, but this Crystal Clear UV Sunglasses helps your eyes stay bright. It’s made with super pure industrial zinc that works just as well as minerals of pure phenol. With these natural cosmetics, you don’t have to worry about your entire body burning when you’re asleep.


Pureura Juiced Illuminating Protein

While regular protein powders are great, your body doesn’t actually need a major nutritional boost. At 20 grams (30.5g) per serving, this Pureura Daily Juiced Nutrition kit supplies you with your entire daily recommended amount of protein, along with a full-calorie supplement and a daily fluid reformulation that’ll hydrate your entire body and keep you full all day long. As a result, your white blood cells will now be shooting stronger, faster, and in a healthier way. That’s got to make a difference.



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