How to Exfoliate Your Lips

Tips to Exfoliate Your Lips Properly

Exfoliating your lips can help remove some of the dry, flaky skin that accumulates and restore gloss, softness, and smoothness quickly. It is essential to avoid over-exfoliation. Exfoliate no more than twice per week. Begin with once per week so as not to irritate your lips. Additionally, avoid excessive scrubbing and the use of harsh substances to avoid irritating your lips.

Before exfoliating, it is essential to ensure that the lips are clean and dry. This involves removing any remaining lipstick or gloss and patting the lips dry. Exfoliation with care: Use a circular motion to rub the lips’ skin. Rodney advises, “Be careful not to scrub, irritate, or break the skin.” Use a thin coating of lip balm to provide a protective barrier after moisturizing.


Benefits of Lips Exfoliation

In our effort to transform chapped lips, it is helpful to understand the underlying causes. According to Rodney, unlike the face, the lips lack sebum-producing oil glands that keep the skin supple and hydrated. “When the climate is cold and dry (think winter), the lips are more susceptible to cracking. Conditions of extreme heat or wind can also cause chapped lips “She explains and then adds that licking the lips can also cause flakiness. While saliva appears to temporarily replenish moisture, repeated lip licking actually exacerbates dryness.

All things considered, exfoliating has significant benefits for the lips. A primary advantage is that it eliminates dead skin cells. Rodney states that exfoliating the lips reveals smooth, supple skin beneath. The extra benefit is that lipstick may be applied evenly, making the lips appear fuller immediately. Moreover, it can temporarily enhance blood flow for lips that appear fuller. Rodney concludes by stating that exfoliating can assist alleviate lip discoloration and black patches. She explains, “The discolored surface cells slough off and are replaced with fresh, even-toned skin.”


Side Effects

As with anything else, moderation is essential when exfoliating the lips. According to Rodney, excessive exfoliation of the lips can cause skin splits, which can exacerbate dryness and scaling. Hence, take care not to exfoliate the lips too vigorously or too frequently, beginning slowly and gently.



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