Health Tips To Stay Healthy and Live a Happy Life

7 Health Tips To Stay Healthy

Keeping one’s health requires making certain decisions. And many of these decisions are within your control. Age, family history, and genetic makeup can undoubtedly affect your health and make you more susceptible to certain disorders. Certain lifestyle decisions can significantly affect your mental and physical health, as well as the quality of your life. Here are the the 7 health tips to stay healthy and live a happy life.

We have already gotten a taste of the effects of all these ideas and they have begun to take hold of people in multiple countries around the world at an alarming rate. So while most people might not be thinking about their health on this list, let me share some tips for you to keep in mind.


1). Be Grateful for All What You Have Now

If you were struggling financially, do everything in your power to make it better. A lot of people are struggling with paying rent, food, utilities, bills and school money but those same people still want what they have now, no matter who they are or what they have. The sooner that you realize that you can afford to live comfortably without wanting something or having any need for anything else, the faster that you’ll find yourself feeling happier and healthier in less time.

Whether it’s something you want to spend a little bit extra or a little harder, just remember that you can’t have everything you wish you could because then you won’t be happy and healthy. This way, you can always look down on anyone who wants something or doesn’t want anything. Just remember that you always should have enough to get by.


2) Don’t Worry About What Other People Say.

When I am having stress over work, I know that my friends and family will constantly talk about how unhappy I seem to them and I will feel like everything is worth hating from a distance. I guess this kind of mentality is what happens when we care too much about what others think about us. You see, when we care about what other people have to say about us, we start looking under our noses for things that we should be worrying about ourselves instead.

When we care so much about someone’s opinion of us, we forget to care about what we’re doing right now instead and start thinking negatively of ourselves instead. This leads us to living unhappy lives and ultimately leading to depression and unhappiness. These are all results in negative self-talk and poor self-esteem. As we become more aware of this, the only thing that will improve our state of being is making it more internal and external instead of inward and outward. Instead of worrying about what other people think of us, we should focus on what we’re doing right now.


3). Embrace the Moments in Your Life

Nothing ever matters as much as the moment when you’re able to step back and appreciate every single situation in your life and just have a really nice day. Every morning you wake up feeling excited to go outside and every evening you smile at the sight of the sunset for the sake of appreciating being alive and not just sitting there waiting to die. Look around and notice that in those moments, nobody really cares that you’re sad or angry, because everyone else is. Life is like a game and you deserve to be treated well and that means treating yourself poorly and going through hardships.

There’s nothing wrong with that because in any given moment, you deserve to treat yourself in a positive manner. Stop trying to convince yourself that people find you unappealing or that you must change in order to make their lives better. What they find you don’t really care about is you, and in that moment, you have the power to choose whether or not you want to accept their existence right now. It’s a great day when you’re able to appreciate the things in life instead of the times you’re unable to enjoy them.


4). Start Saving Money

In today’s modern lifestyle, we often forget how important money really is. Being a person of savings, not just investing in one item, is probably the single most effective method toward improving our overall emotional stability and satisfaction. How many hours of television does a child like? How often do couples argue to each other? Money is the sole reason why people feel the way they do and how they do it impacts our whole mental state. Once we become more conscious about spending, buying and wasting money, the happier and more contented we are going to be.

This comes with two aspects. On one hand, it makes life less fun because you aren’t really getting all of the wonderful experiences that you should be having and on another hand, it makes them feel better about themselves because they don’t have to worry about the future and can focus on what’s right now. At the end of the day, what matters is that you realize that money is pretty useless aside from helping you get through the everyday grind.

Spend all your money and use whatever methods you like to help you make it to where you want to be. All it takes is a few bucks to buy that brand new outfit or a new shirt for the night from Starbucks and a few dollars to replace your car that got stolen. You’ll never regret it if you’ve saved $100 even if nothing else happens. Even if it ends up costing you something that you actually have to pay for later down the road, it’s all worth it in the end.


5) Find More Reasons to Smile

Everyone thinks that happiness is the complete opposite of depression and that it’s the happiest thing that a person can be. Well to be honest, it’s very hard to be happy when you’re depressed, especially when the depressive symptoms just run deep in your brain. People feel depressed when they are lonely, when we fail at something and when we lose a loved one. They’re depressed when they get rejected or when they get stuck in the middle of a relationship and it just hurts a little bit. Most people would rather be sad because they can’t control the things that happen to them instead of happy because they can. Happiness causes the negative feelings to subside. People who are happier are able to manage their stress. Those who are sad have less ability to face reality.

Being happy is a much better way to go and as long as you keep your head up and stay true to your authentic self, happiness is there for you to reach. Not being happy doesn’t give more strength to your body or mind but it gives you something to fight against and get through. It’s why you’re able to find some time to relax and it’s true for people of different races, religions, genders, sexual orientations and so on.

Finding happiness is a tough battle and it involves lots of ups and downs and you can sometimes come across someone who isn’t happy for a very specific reason. To them, happiness is just another negative emotion but they’ve always found joy in having somebody to tell them what to do because they’re trying to be happy but instead, they’re just not.


6). Get Comfortable Talking About Things

Talking and being open about our stresses is key for anyone who feels depressed, anxious, sad or whatever is happening inside of them. By telling others about your distress or problems, giving it to them and being open and honest about what you’re dealing with, you’ve got yourself in a better position for both yourself and if they can understand. You’re also putting yourself in a good position for other people when you can show them what’s going on.

Letting them know about things that are stressing you out is vital to knowing your coping mechanisms and learning what works best for you. That way, you can ask for help and talk about everything that affects you. You know what you’re feeling inside out and that gives others insight into what may be causing you issues. You’ll feel more confident about the situations that make you feel stressed over time.

This helps you realize that your emotions are really valid and can be dealt with no matter how bad it gets. Once you go to therapy and talk about it together, it becomes easier to deal with the negative emotions that you feel instead of letting them consume you over time.


7) Try to Learn About Personal Growth

A huge part of changing yourself is understanding what you’re doing and how you do it, so if you’re working on your career or on anything at all, try to understand what’s going through your brain. Do a lot of research on yourself and be curious about what you’re striving to accomplish. Also, spend some time on yourself to figure out those areas that you’re lacking in as well and try to add new skills to your repertoire to give you what you need.

Learn new skills and do new projects. Go on more training courses and attend events and conferences. Use resources to improve your knowledge. Make sure that you have enough resources to get the job done. Always try to have at least one thing you’ve discovered in front of you to pull when you can’t see exactly what it is. Trying to be better is hard but when done correctly, it can be extremely rewarding.



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