10 Beauty Routines that You Do Wrong

It is common for Instagram users to accumulate tips, cosmetics, and videos about how to make their skin look flawless. However, that does not mean everything is a good or recommended option for our skin. Don’t be discouraged, however, because re-directing your beauty routine is much easier than you think. This list of 10 beauty routines you do wrong is meant to help you improve your skincare routine.


10 Beauty Routines that You Do Wrong

1. The first step is to complete the facial hygiene phase. This is a widespread mistake, particularly among people who do not wear makeup. We must correct this mistake to keep our skin healthy.

2. Do not use makeup remover wipes on skin with acne-prone, sensitive, or atopic dermatitis. A damp cotton towel is ideal.

3. Do not use more cosmetics than your skin needs. Too much can cause irritation, excessive dryness, and even an occlusion effect in the case of acne.

5. The creams your friends or sisters use don’t always have to be good for your skin. Don’t apply products without consulting your primary beautician or combining them without knowing what they are. Retinol, for instance, is ineffective when mixed with vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids.

5. In addition, make sure you protect your skin from the sun and light. The blue light they release is responsible for aging effects on your skin. They can also cause sagging as well.

6. Are you still using eye cream? This area requires more attention, and this error will be devoted to it. It is also necessary to learn how to apply it. Ultimate Eye Vitamin K Contour is a good example.

7. You don’t need to use many products to get results. A pea-size quantity will be sufficient for both eyes. Please do not abuse the product or waste it.

8. Do not apply cosmetics at random. Another mistake we make is using it after cleaning. Define your area of action before applying the next makeup.

9. Be sure to moisturize the upper eyelids and the dark circles. Besides retaining liquid in the bag area, it is also important to moisturize the upper eyelids.

10. You can start using eye contour at 25, adapting the type to the era and skin needs. It takes a little while to start using it.